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The Legacy: Realm of Terror Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

One of many spooky and strange locations... note the squid mask I'm wearing!
The infamous "chain room" shot...
Approaching the mansion
Nice place to spend an evening, uh?
Main Menu
Dog-eating aliens?? Holy Crap!
Character generation
A note greets you as you enter the house...
Aghh!! Zombies!
Note how you can customize the window layouts...
Wonder where this door leads too...
Whoa! I knew there was something in those brownies...
Another human! Finally! And a babe on top of that!
NPC interaction
What could possibly be wrong about this Toilet?
At the chapel (note the pop-up menus)
She's just mad because I took her tiara... pfff
A little cross-promotion never hurt anybody
There's even an ancient Egiptian tomb in this house!
And it comes fully loaded with all the latest comforts! (circa 1993 of course)
It's all cool tentacle dude! I'm on your side now!
Samurai Picard faces off against the horrors of the aquarium
Firing some spells towards a pair of sea demons
How's it hanging dude?
Some concept art for the Casper movie?
One of the puzzles includes a little bit of stargazing
The face of evil...