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Pagan: Ultima VIII Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The Guardian will banish you, Avatar.. (from the opening intro)
... to the world of Pagan! (Title Screen, from the opening intro)
The very beginning. A meeting with a simple fisherman - or so it seems...
The story starts brutally, with an execution! This sets the tone for the events in Pagan
Welcome to the town of Tenebrae, home to beautiful street lamps and police brutality!
Houses are full of detail, and environments are interactive. I just moved around a flask and some cheese to reveal a key!
Only in this game: climb on the roofs! Mostly a cosmetic addition, but who knows what you can find here?..
There is much to see in Pagan. Here you've just witnessed a fight - yet you seem to be unable to go past the bars...
Tenebrae Library. Cozy, isn't it? Sit down, read a book! I hope they have something by C.S. Lewis here
An example of the new action-oriented gameplay: captured Avatar jumping just as the flaming arrow explodes behind him
A BED and a BLANKET, indeed! This means I can finally take a nap
Uh-oh, that's not a pretty sight!.. What happened here? Play the game and find out!
More interesting situations: two trolls are duking it out in a cave, while I barely evaded an explosive fireball trap
Pagan has a lot of caves. You'll spend much of your time in such environments. There is plenty to find, though, as you can see here!..
Avatar has focused a lot on learning the virtues. There was simply no time for swimming lessons!..
With a gigantic mushroom growing nearby, I summon a fearsome creature who shows some respect to me
Climbing in progress: captured the climbing animation while a zombie is approaching
Exploring somebody's house. Try talking to this lady. Most of the inhabitants of Pagan are scared of everything...
With such a leader, it's no wonder the atmosphere is so grim in this country!..
Some strange ritual... Avatar, are you sure you know what you're doing?
What up, dawg?!.. Talking to the Titan Lithos. Hangin' with Titans is what I be doin', word
Getting a helpful hint. Now you know what to do
Fighting myself ? ... No, it is a Changeling, who has taken our shape
This strange house seems to be floating in space...
We have created a Golem to open a door - he is ready to take our orders
A Troll is trying to make out of us another pile of bones on the ground
Better step carefully - suddenly the ground may break into hot lava
The Upper Catacombs - starting point for many of our quests
A sorcerer has summoned a Daemon to kill a rival
The mages may live in a monastery, but they surely know how to decorate their halls!..
The fun stuff of Ultima: open a wardrobe and rummage through somebody's clothes
The owner of this house seems to have a fondness for fish. He is also walking outside and complaining; I captured a part of his rant
After a battle against a tough sorcerer. Searching his body
Walking through the wilderness, you open your backpack. It's full of... stuff
The sorcerers have summoned the Titan Pyros himself
Hey, don't look at me like this. I was just checking that seemingly impassable mountain barrier
Well-equipped Avatar is practicing combat stances. It sucks to be single... Note the nice (and rare) tree. Opened the equipment and attribute menu
There are quite a few books to be found in this game. This one describes some spell-related material
Which lever may be the right one?
We are looking for Pyros in his Plane - and meet some Daemons there
The Avatar times four in the Ethereal Plane ? - No, some Changelings again, even here