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Cyberia 2: Resurrection Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main title
Enemy bomber is making holes in the highway
Firefight in the corridor
Enemy aircraft destroyed
The truck ahead is cluttering the road with garbage
View of the highway
Prison break
Need to take out the defenses before I can leave the area
A daring escape
The guard has spotted us
It's a bumpy ride
The Major busts Zak out of cryo storage
If you were stored at -150 C for three years, you'd probably hold a gun funny too
Graham, the prerequisite pubescent hacker
Hacking into an FWA computer
Actual Ingame nerve gas
Battling the FWA's army of underpaid barneys
Fighting an FWA trooper
The giant disembodied head of Dr. Corbin
Zak is about to be Zquished
Doctor Corbin doesn't seem to offer very good job security
One of the game's more annoying logic puzzles
Battle Dr. Corbin's giant disembodied head for control of Zak's soul! (Or something like that).
Many other games let you blow up planes, but where else but here can you blow up bloodcells?
Dr. Corbin, I presume?
Identification screen
Dr. Corbin rescuing Zak... what we heard at the end of original Cyberia now we get to see as well
Zak is bald, but awake and ready to go a second round
Enemy cars, although the same type as yours, are more susceptible to weapon fire