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Alone in the Dark 3 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Intro scene
Start of the game
Just started ... already dead ?!?
Entering the Saloon
Behind the bar ...
... different angle
In game
Dark hallway
the cukoo clock
what is that strange light up ahead
Intro cutscene.
Title screen.
Main menu.
You arrive at Slaughter Gulch
Options screen.
Well, this isn't what I was waiting for a welcome.
This is your inventory. Here you can select weapons, items and actions.
Ok, enough sleeping, let's go!
Taking an item.
A suggestive title for a film inside an horror game.
Whoa, the ghost is taking The Last Ranger's body!
Look, there goes Last Ranger's horse!
I'm already seeing things, I guess I need to drink something...
Hands up, pal!