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Full Throttle Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Starting Screen - always in bigger resolution. I have no idea why they did it like that
Introduction. Guess which one of the two is the villain?..
The game's starting location. Bringing up the interface
In front of the Kick Stand bar
Inside the bar, early in the game. Come on, Ben, can you play some Bud Powell? "John's Abbey", maybe? No?..
Ben can get really rough with certain type of people!..
Oops, where did the front wheel go!?
Option Menu
Talking to Maureen. Dialogue choices are less prominent here than in most other LucasArts adventures
Cool close-up of Ben, the game's protagonist
Talking to a reporter outside of Maureen's house. Note the cozy night atmosphere...
The first main part of the game take place in several locations accessible from this "overworld"
...says Ben every time you try to use the mouth icon with something he doesn't want you to use it with
What a nice, stylish inventory! Let's see what Ben can do with those items...
The story may be short, but there is always place for some emotional moments
A rather simple puzzle: how can you make this dog stay in one place?..
A lovely view outside Pete's Mink Ranch
Typical interior activities: move this, see an object, take it, use it with another object, etc. This game, however, is quite streamlined, and such activities are rather scarce
The second main part of the game takes place in and around the highway. There are points of interest that may contain puzzles...
The main objective of this chapter is to find a way to jump over that chasm. The yellow icon (which is supposed to have you drive the bike there) won't work at first
Driving on the highway is automatic, but you can move left and right, just for fun. You'll also need to press a button to make a turn
You meet Father Torque, an older biker. Some dialogue options follow
The middle part of the game is largely dedicated to biker fights. Simply click with the mouse to attack, but try to stay balanced!
Cavefish chase
Ben can gain various weapons from defeating bikers. This one looks pretty impressive...
Another day, another biker, another fight... I'm cornered now, but I've gained a wooden plank from a previous fight, and I'm going to use it!..
Wearing the special Cavefish goggles allows you to locate a secret entrance
This location seems to have been take from The Dig or something like that!..
Finally, you reach the ominous building that happens to be Corley Motors Headquarters
I think I need a souvenir, just to make myself feel better
This must be the only game where you sacrifice electric bunnies in order to make a path through a minefield!..
The game has many cutscenes and is very cinematic in general. Ben and Maureen seem to have some misunderstanding here...
Which line could I possibly choose in this situation?!..
A meeting of tough ladies!
This mini-game involves arcade-style racing against other cars!
The game also has some cool explosions!..
A cutscene with Ben clinging to the front of the truck
That's the spirit!
Will the registration plate hold?