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Grand Theft Auto 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Intro movie
I've gotta get the pregnant wife to the hospital, officer!
Asbestos driving suit recommended
Oh no! Boxed in
I am police and my hot!
You can the save game in a church.
Looking for a job.
The police tries to stop us.
Here you can buy some weapons or respray your car.
You'll need a police car for the next assignment.
Stay away from explosions or you will be killed.
There is a tank hidden here.
The tank gives you a chance to destroy police cars and SWAT teams with ease.
Bonus level: You've got thirty seconds to kill as many people as possible.
Second level.
You can join the Rednecks and help them to rule the streets.
On the highway.
Russian mafia needs people from this bus to produce hot-dogs.
Can I borrow this car, please?
Road blockade.
If you kill much cops, you are declared as a "Cop killa"
When you kill six Elvis impersonators in a row, you get a bonus called "Elvis has left the building"