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Omikron: The Nomad Soul Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen. Note that the title of the UK version is just "The Nomad Soul", without "Omikron"
Main menu
Your soul must possess Kay'l's body, as Kay'l himself explains to you
The game's sense of humor is not to be ignored
Finding an object always leads to such zooming
Those three rings in the corner of the kitchen are the infamous save point
Your "sneak" device, which is used as statistics and options screen, and also as inventory
Need a ride? Call a slider! A fast food restaurant is just across...
The environments are very busy. People walk around, sit down, eat, use computers...
More examples of NPC behavior: three mechanics are working on this futuristic vehicle in a garage
Using first-person view to scan the interior of the bar
In the elevator of the police HQ. Note the cool symbols
Policemen also need candy and coke!
Morgue. It's not a pretty sight
In a sleazy part of the town
Blasting your opponent to pieces in a shooting sequence
An abandoned temple. Beautiful decorations!
Cool rain effects!..
Does your mother know you are visiting such places?
This is a room with a special device which will allow you to train your character in combat
Fighting sequence. Your HP is always to the left, the opponent's to the right
Oh, what a mess...
Your possessed characters have apartments; those apartments have... facilities! Lots of attention to detail, indeed
There are quite a few stores on Omikron. Here, you notice a differently-looking NPC standing there... this usually means you can possess her
A rare frontal shot of your controlled character: during a dialogue in a drugstore
The game gains more and more "tribal" undertones as it advances... Here, you control a bulky "native" who joins an underground society
Praying in a colorful temple - first-person perspective for a better view
Just a regular day on Omikron with a comparatively regularly-looking body - the city is open to you!..
Shooting sequence in the Antenna mission
Jaunpur, the first district in the game that does not have the cyberpunk-look of the first two districts
Solving a puzzle in a cave
Taking a little swim in front of a bookstore in Lahoreh
After taking over another person's body, you can often visit their apartment
Dakobah - one of the Awakened
This district has a quieter, slightly Middle Eastern feel. Traffic is still busy, though, as you can see. Commercials abound
Just got a new shiny body... Standing alone on the peer, looking at the skies, where large vehicles fly by... what a life, what a life!
Night life on Omikron! Explore, enjoy, see what you can do around here...
Boz - the leader of the Awakened - his face was based in David Bowie's face
You can watch an erotic dance for money in a certain place. Are you sure it was worth it?..
Nothing spells "adventure" like weird ancient rooms and a dead body behind me!..
All right, fight in men's shower room! Steroid abuse, latent homosexuality, or both? You decide!..
Those dialogue choices attempt to recreate humorous mechanics from adventure games. They do not quite succeed...
Captured this new colorful controlled character as she turns around in a strange tribal-looking shop... which is actually in the middle of the city!
Swimming near a mountain range - the edge of one of the more pleasant, almost rural districts
Shooting sequence while controlling a Mecaguard
There is plenty of information to be found in this game. Here, your new character visits a library and browses through the catalog of their history books
New cute body and a puzzle involving strange symbols! This vacation couldn't have been better
Joyfully jumping through the countryside! Finally! We've been stuck in them urban environments for too long!..
You've discovered an underground city!..
I don't know about you, but this cold weather always makes me horny... We are nearing the final segments of the game