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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Title
This is our hero, doing what archeologists usually do.
This is Sophia Hapgood, your partner from Indy 4. Recognize her? Me neither.
In Tibet, Indy's riding a rubber dinghy.
Indy uses his whip to escape the rolling boulder.
The bridge leads to a lost monastery.
The giant snake is a level boss. It spawns mini snakes.
Running over russians with the jeep is fun!
Running over russians with the mine car is even more fun!
In the last level, you're fighting mechanical enemies.
What now, Indy?
Indy infiltrates Soviet border with more luck then ration, as usual.
There are many places that differs from regular walls or cliffs where Indy can climb.
There's more trash beneath then expected. These things ingame are called details, which is why LucasArts has such a great adventure collection.
An old wreckage of a ship from a World War II.
The game has quite a few scenarios/chapters, and each has a map with a position (this one, for example is a bit more specific).
Indy's old trusty whip will come in handy more than a gun.
This lava pool possess quite a riddle on how-to pass through.
When Commies kidnapp Sophia, Indy'll hook to the rescue.
I told ya... not to call me 'junior'!
This seems a bit like from the "Temple of Doom" Indy's movie, only without fanatics on the sides.
In an open field like this, filled with menace of all kinds, sometimes it's better to stick to something mobile.
Always finding himself asking help from the natives.
Pulling some dangerous stunts in the nick of time.
Indy's always ready to make compromises with his foes.
The game includes quite some swimming, and it ain't all water, either.
Always polite when readying for a battle.
One of the places include being imprisoned onboard a Soviet cargo ship.
Aside from ingenious wit, Indy will have to make use of some ancient artifacts on his journey.
What started as a peaceful rafting will soon turn into very dangerous experience.
The first level - the canyon lands.
Indy climbs up a ledge.
Indy crawls into a small tunnel.
Indy runs into a snake. I hate snakes!
Indy finds an artifact.