The Devil Inside Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Dave the main character
The TV show "Devil Inside"
Main menu
Intro: Moon over Hollywood
Intro: nearing the diabolic realm
Graphic options
Starting the game
Rotate your mouse to look wherever you like
Aiming at target
Killing enemies and getting comments from Jack
You can shoot at whatever you like in this game
Picking up a first-aid kit
What does she want?
Oh-oh, they aren't very friendly...
Dead bodies turn into fire and then disappear
Deva, dave's "better" half
Deva demonstrates the "Eraser Head" spell
A good headshot will ruin any zombie's day
Host Jack T. Ripper chimes in
Another close up of Deva
Mansion Outside

Official Screenshots

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    PC Gamer Special (Sweden), Issue 3 (October 2000)