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Evil Dead: Hail to the King Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Ash realizes that returning to the cabin was a bad idea.
The basic inventory screen.
A map of the woods assists your navigation.
Flapping skull deadites pester Ash in the woods
Ash takes time out to neck with an old girlfriend.
Ash and Father Allard prepare to exorcise Jenny.
Damascus would be lovely if it weren't for all the deadites.
Ash faces off with his evil counterpart.
Good... Bad... He's the guy with the gun.
Blood spurts as Ash disembowels a deadite
Ash's original girlfriend Linda has a body that won't quit, but not much of a head on her shoulders. Mostly because we chopped it in half.
Ash joins the proud ranks of all those axe wielding maniacs who spent their time chasing boyscouts through the woods with a chainsaw.
Ash gives the deadite-possessed wolverine scouts a merit badge in bullet eatting
Hail to the King's first boss battle, against poor old granny whose been mutated into a spider deadite
Ash takes on a deadite-possessed Scoutmaster Nugent (remember him?), aka Doughboy
Ash battles the Evil Tree. At least he doesn't have to put up with any sicko tentacle lovin' like in Evil Dead 2
The Church Door puzzle in an in-jokey homage to the original Evil Dead
Ash battles his skeletal doppleganger inside the church. Unintentional Ecstatica reference, maybe?
Ash disembowels a deadite in the cabin's cellar movie room. Notice that Ash fails to cast a shadow on the screen.
Looks like Annie's been corrupted to the Dark Side. Why is it all of Ash's girlfriends tend to get turned into uncute slavering demon chicks?
Nothing's worse than a possessed, flesh-eating ex-girlfriend...
Except maybe a mutated, possessed flesh-eating ex-girlfriend
Ash travels back to ancient Damascus to battle the Evil at its source
Ash faces the mighty wraith of Mr. Fancypants
Talk softly, but carry a big boomstick
Meet the giant Mud Monster, whose body is apparently composed of the living corpses of its victims
Ash battles the mighty Guild Armor, chainsaw against chainsaw
The mutated members of the Guild menace Ash's current (and for the time being, still human) girlfriend Jenny
Pyrotechnic battle against the mutated members of the Guild
Epic battle between Ash and Bad Ash
Ash comes face to gaping maw with the Kandarian Demon responsible for this whole mess.