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Tomb Raider II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

main menu
the training course
a summersault in progress
Lara's Mansion
did you know Lara plays the harp too
the helicopter is up there and i'm stuck here!!
Lara and the big red.....
Lara in the boat
Lara and the door
Lara and the evil statues
Lara in the pretty garden
Lara in the fire room
Lara's face
Lara in the wrecked ship
Circuit box
Lara killing the bad guys
stripped of her belongings and thrown in a cell..
the graceful swan dive.. theres no water to land in here, but she'll be fine..
lara makes it all look too easy.. the hand stand..
pulling blocks is a cinch.. even if they're taller than herself..
Swirling clouds in the Italian sky.
Eek! Giant moving wheels!
Bartolli's House
Shooting a tiger
The Opera House
Inside the plane
Opening a door
A rare shot
Eek... acid!
Hmm... something's wrong with this picture
Ah! And there are the stairs... upside down
Oh, so that is where the key is!
Hmm... how do I get up there?
Tug meets closed window
All I need are my shorts, a jacket and I'm ready for the below-zero temps of Tibet!
Lara and the tug
First view of Venice
Getting into the boat