Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

A restroom... as good a place as any other to start a horror story...
Enjoy the clear surroundings while you can... things are going to get pretty claustrophobic soon.
This would be the point where a normal human being turns tails and sprints away.
This would be the kind of place no sane human being would get in.
And nominated as "the most tragic character of the game", Angela.
Pyramid-Head: hands down, the coolest villain ever —and not only in videogames.
Once again, Konami's infamous zombie-nurse fetish.
Maria, leading the "bonus" scenario.
There goes femineity...
Maria wants to rest for a while. Sure, honey, you must be pretty tired for walking behind me while I do all the fighting!
The backgrounds are incredibly detailed... and the far clipping plane is incredibly near!
Hey! Look me in the eye when you talk to me... well, that's supposing you DO have eyes...
And leading yet another tragic cutscene... Angela!
They kinda went over the line with the heat in this hotel.
You're really telling me I gotta jump down there?
Yep. I knew I shouldn't have jumped down.
Just get in your car and leave...