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Resident Evil 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Leon surrounded by zombies at the start of the game.
The gun shop owner doesn't take kindly to company.
You limp like this if injured.
Leon faces down zombies in an alley.
Luckily, zombies can't climb.
The entrance of the Raccoon City Police Station.
Assisting a guy with zombie bites isn't the best idea.
Leon vs a licker
Game over for Leon
The beginning of Claire's game A
Claire made it to the gun shop.
The owner has a crossbow in Claire's scenario.
Zombies have taken over an inner-city basketball court. Perhaps there's buried social commentary.
Claire interrupts a buffet luncheon.
Before Snakes on a Plane, there was Zombies on a Bus.
Running would be the smart course of action here.
One of the first puzzles. Notice the RCPD decorates the station with suits of armor.
Game over for Claire