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Borrowed Time Screenshots (PC Booter)

User Screenshots

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA)
The start of the game (CGA)
Thugs are after you... (CGA)
Outside a medical office (CGA)
In Bruce Light's livingroom... (CGA)
Anything suspicious here? (CGA)
The newsstand...
Uh oh, trouble!
Could you fall?
are they drinking?
are you guarding the door?
how could they have left you alone?
it happens often
Standing on a ledge.
The West End of First Street.
Hot dog cart man.
First and Main.
In front of Rita's apartment.
Rita's apartment door.
Inside Rita's apartment.
G and W building.
Inside the G and W.
Parking lot.
Frame house.
Another ugly thug.
Mean dogs.
Farnham - local mobster kingpin.
All right - freeze! On the ground!
In the post office.
Post office boxes.
Outside the police station.
In the police station.
Doctor's office.
Waiting for a check-up.
I found a bone!
Title screen - Borrowed Time
Living tutorial