Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Full Motion Woman, Polygonal Swordman. The Battle Arena Toshinden 2 intro features a mixture of footage and in-game models.
Parry this. Tracy demonstrates why, despite the blue hair and purple night sticks, she was allowed on the Police force.
High flying antics. Fo dodges Chaos' scythe with a high leap.
Spear beats...uh...giant club? Rogue monk Mondo faces off against Rungo, who looks like a modern day version of Soul Blade's Rock.
The Sword and the Whip. Brittish blademaster Kayin faces Russian...dominatrix? Sophia in a dark alley....
Don't call me Ryu! Eiji demonstrates why he's the generic main good guy with a well placed slash.
Think your boss is bad? Chaos may seem like a complete madman, but his bio describes him as a coporate executive.
My backpack goes boom! Mondo has a few surprises up his sleeve, like this hidden cannon...
You've been a bad boy. Sophia taunts her defeated opponent.