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WiiZTGameDomain (Jan 22, 2011)
With only two real game modes – there isn’t much Showtime Championship Boxing can offer gamers. Its sad really, if under a different developer – it could have made for a viable opponent to the big boxing titles like, but instead DSI games decided to make it a cheap, gimmicky imitation of that which came before. Save yourself some money – stick with Wii Sports.
After all that's been said, one would really be stumped on how to sum up this game other than the following word: terrible. There is a split-screen multiplayer option, but I can't imagine anyone who'd want to participate, and why would they? Sluggish controls, poor attention to detail, lack of customization, and unbalanced difficulty all makes Showtime Championship Boxing a dud. If you really want some good ol' shoulder to shoulder boxing action, then reach no further than that Wii Sports copy you have somewhere in your closet. Fight Night from EA is also a solid option, though it is better on the 360 or Playstation 3. In fact, if I were you I'd go out and get a hold of Super Punch Out on the Super Nintendo. Nothing beats the classics.
Nintendo DSIGN (Nov 14, 2007)
Showtime Championship Boxing is a bad game because it lacks depth, is ugly and easy to exploit. At the same time, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself as I beat down fighter after fighter. The 3D boxers look great, even if they move awkwardly, and in spite of its overwhelming flaws the game does have a charm to it. I can’t really recommend the game to anyone in light of its many problems, but boxing fans willing to overlook serious gameplay issues in favor of some quick and dirty pummeling might actually enjoy themselves.
35 (Feb 04, 2008)
Wii Sports nous laissait entrevoir la possibilité de découvrir un jour un vrai jeu de boxe sur Wii, un prince, un roi, un messie. Mais Showtime Championship Boxing n'en a clairement pas la carrure et nous laisse à notre attente, meurtris, le visage tuméfié et déformé par une juste colère. Maniabilité exécrable et contenu squelettique font de ce jeu un mauvais coup, que comme les uppercuts, nous vous recommandons chaudement d'éviter.
30 (Mar 28, 2008)
Ein Box-Spiel , das keiner braucht und welches nicht mehr bietet als Boxen mit Wii Sports. Es fehlen Funktionen, die toll gewesen wären, wie etwa ein Boxer-Editor oder die Möglichkeit seinen Boxer aufzuwerten und zu stärken, um irgendwie eine Verbindung zu dem Charakter aufnehmen zu können. Es hätte ja auch eine Hintergrundgeschichte gereicht. Aber auch dann hätten die schlechte Präsentation, die fehlenden Kommentatoren und die verzögerte Steuerung den Spielspaß nach unten gezogen. Finger weg, sich mit Wii Sports vergnügen, Geld sparen und auf etwas Besseres warten.
Nintendo DSGameSpot (Nov 12, 2007)
A fun and frantic boxing game for the Nintendo DS certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility; it just isn't to be found in Showtime Championship Boxing. There are very few things in this game that are worth more than a casual glance, and only then for a chuckle. It just might be the worst boxing game ever made.
Nintendo (Mar 26, 2008)
Piètrement réalisé, vide et totalement irréaliste, Showtime Championship Boxing n'a décidément rien pour retenir l'attention des joueurs. A quand une simulation de boxe digne de ce nom sur nos petites DS ?
WiiGamesRadar (Mar 04, 2008)
If nothing else, the few minutes that you can bear to step into the ring will give your arms a workout. You won’t quit due to physical exhaustion, though, as there’s no chance you’ll make it far enough for that to happen. After a couple of rounds, you’ll have had enough. In the infamous words of Roberto Duran, “no mas!”
WiiNintendojo (2008)
DSI, along with Conspiracy Entertainment, has flooded the Wii market with budgetware titles that range from mediocre to awful. This game firmly falls into the latter. The graphics are horrifying, the sound is bland, the controls are unresponsive, the characters are superfluous, and the health and fatigue bars are poorly implemented. Given that Wii Sports boxing (or Punch-Out!!, for that matter) is better in almost every conceivable way, Showtime Championship Boxing has absolutely no business in your gaming library, not even for $20. Stay far away.
20 (Feb 21, 2008)
Als je een Wii hebt dan bezit je ook al een betere boksgame dan Showtime Championship Boxing ooit zal kunnen worden. Het spel is niet leuk om te spelen, voelt niet intuïtief, is technisch achterhaald en de inhoud is ook nog eens erg mager. Wees een verstandige gamer en spaar je geld voor een iets zinvollere aankoop, want met deze minpunten gaat Showtime Championship Boxing in de eerste ronde genadeloos neer.
Nintendo DSNGamer (Jan 15, 2008)
On the upside? When you run out of stamina you grunt like a bear. Funny. Unintentional hilarity aside, we'd rather have our ears bitten off than play this.