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    Party down with the multiplayer action of Shrek® Super Party! Out-play and out-wit your friends in the most infectious party game on the Xbox. Shrek Super Party is filled with non-stop game play that provides hours of Shrek-style fun for one person or a whole group of party animals!

    • Choose from 30 fast-paced mini-games across many different mini-game genres.
    • Play as one of six of your favourite characters, including Shrek®, Princess Fiona™, and Lord Farqua.
    • Enjoy addictive game play, for endless hours of fun.
    • Experience all the humour and charm of Shrek in a multiplayer party game.
    • Get the whole family to play. It's family fun for everyone!
    • Check out the outstanding graphics. Shrek's world comes to life on the Xbox.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22285) on Jun 25, 2010. – GameCube:
    Everyone's favorite ogre busts out the streamers and party hats in a multiplayer minigame-fest on the Nintendo GameCube.

    Four-Player Fairytales

    Before a match, as many as four players can choose from one of six playable characters:

    • Shrek
    • Thelonious (a.k.a. Executioner)
    • Monsieur Hood
    • Princess Fiona
    • Lord Farquaad
    • Donkey

    Every game involves four characters, with the computer AI taking over any characters not controlled by players. There seems to be no great distinction in how each character plays as compared to the others.

    Time for Us to Bug Out

    The grand object is to be the first to fill your vial with bug juice. (This idea is soooo Shrek!). The character that comes up with enough of the slimy liquid will be granted a wish. Of course, when playing with fellow gamers, the real prize is a chance to declare yourself supreme champion of Shrek: Super Party.

    Each character chooses a path. At the end of each path lies a stash of precious bug juice. You can go it alone or race a fellow contestant down the same path. Each path offers various fairytale settings including a Swamp, Castle, Keep, Farm and Windmill.

    Traps and events in each area could land you in the Evil Bog. The only way out of the Evil Bog is slow and laborious, but Pixie Dust lets you warp to safety.

    Bug Juice Flows like Water

    You gather bug juice by doing well in the 30 minigames. One game challenges you to catapult veggies at a huge target. Another has each player catching rats and then slinging them into the sewer. Team competitions include a castle-themed air hockey game and a fast-paced volleyball game using rotten onions.

    The major twist in Shrek: Super Party comes after each minigame. Each player is given a random assortment of colored bugs. Each color is worth a different amount of points but you must match at least two together to get any bug juice. The minigame winners get to swap bugs with the other contestants to maximize their score, but watch out: you might be left with measly leftovers.

    The strategy behind the bug trading is a game in itself. The winner of the minigame gets to make the last trade, so you must anticipate his or her moves and trade for bugs you think you can keep. Sometimes keeping less-valuable bugs is better than trying to hang on to the best ones.


    The graphics feature the storybook locations from the hit movie. Characters look similar to their movie counterparts but with enlarged heads. They react expressively to what is going on in the game.

    Each player has a good view of the action in the minigames, but it's harder to track everyone's location on the game board.

    Bottom Line

    As with most board games, the real fun in Shrek: Super Party comes from playing with others. You'll encounter a good variety of minigames, while the bug-trading feature adds a very Shrek-ish splash of strategy to the mix.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65852) on Sep 17, 2005.
    Der schottische Troll mit der Vorliebe für schleimige Sümpfe ist wieder da! Nehmen Sie es mit dem bösen Lord Farquaad und all seinen Freunden im actiongeladenen wilden Mehrspieler-Kracher Shrek Super Party auf.

    Dieses schnelle und verrückte Rennen findet mitten in Shreks geliebtem Sumpf statt. Während Sie im Spiel fortschreiten, können Sie 30 witzige Mini-Spiele freischalten. Um gut voran zu kommen, müssen Sie verschiedene Herausforderungen meistern, um sich damit ein paar Tropfen Käfer-Saft zu verdienen. Insgesamt können Sie 100 solcher Tropfen sammeln - also nix wie ran an den Speck! Zusätzlich zu der Erfüllung Ihrer Aufträge haben Sie noch die Möglichkeit, sich gegen Ihre Mitspieler zu verschwören und sich ihre Käfer-Saft-Vorräte unter den Nagel zu reissen!

    Shrek Super Party weiss mit lebhaften und bunten, auf der Grundlage des Films geschaffenen Welten und einer gehörigen Portion des bekannten ureigenen Shrek-Humors zu überzeugen. Dieses Spiel ist eine unterhaltsame Bereicherung für jede Sammlung.

  • 30 actiongeladene Mini-Spiele, inklusive Dragon's Breath, Brick Bashers, Castle Crumble, Sewer Rats, Lily Pad und Sticky Tongues

  • Spielen Sie Ihre Lieblingsfiguren aus dem Film, wie zum Beispiel Shrek, Prinzessin Fiona, Lord Farquaad, den Esel, Monsieur Hood oder Thelonius

  • Verbünden Sie sich oder kämpfen Sie gegen bis zu vier Gegner im Mehrspieler-Modus

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Sep 18, 2004.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:
    Fast-paced fun and multi-player action come to your living room in Shrek Super Party!

  • For all ages and up to four players!

  • Choose one of six characters and challenge your buds to some friendly competition.

  • Out run and out wit your opponents in 30 action packed events.

  • Play the full interactive board game, or just have fun with the min-events!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69382) on Oct 27, 2003.