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PlayStation 3 version

Intro, Roman era.
Intro, space age.
Intro, the story starts here.
Main title.
Main menu.
Game options.
Civilization selection, Egyptians.
Civilization selection, Mongols.
Starting the game.
Tutorial can be skipped if you're familiar with the controls.
Attacking a barbarian outpost.
Certain forests, rivers and deserts can be named once discovered.
Reaching an economic milestone... gathering 20000 gold pieces will yield an economic victory.
If you don't feel war is the right course of action, try diplomacy.
Your military advisor has a simply policy: crush, kill and destroy.
Visiting friendly villages always yield some kind of benefit for your civilization.
Researching technologies.
These barbarians are putting up a fight.
If you have enough gold, you can spend it to immediately complete your current unit or building production.
Achieving multiple victories with a single unit will let you upgrade it as it becomes more veteran.
You can combine three same type of units into an army.
Checking your diplomacy status.
There are four different ways to achieve a victory in this game.
The caravan brought gifts to your town.
When caravan visits your town, you can check the banquet at your palace.
Checking the technology research progress and your cultural and monetary income.
Building a temple will increase your cultural progress.
Barbarian village has been overran by your ninja horsemen.
Build galleons to explore distant lands across the oceans.
Reaching the medieval era.
Attacking the Indian capital.
As you fast move throughout the map, the view will zoom out giving you better perspective of an overall globe.
Building roads between cities seriously saves your units their movement points.
Top 10 cities.
Technology tree.
Zoom in on the city to see individually build buildings and wonders.
Exploring new lands.
Archers are good defensive units, buy even they can dispose of a couple of rough barbarians.
Checking the advantages of a newly discovered technology.
The invention of gunpowder will let you produce riflemen and cannons.
Domination victory is achieved when all the other civilizations have been eliminated.
The room of great leaders.
By keeping your units in defense mode, they will dig in and create barricade that will raise their defense.
With time your dust roads will turn into asphalt ones, but their is no advantage in one over the other.
Managing your worker will affect your production time and resource gathering operation.
About to break our treaty agreement... cannot be done in democracy, though.
Keep your units over the enemy occupied fields to halt their resource and food gathering.
Missile launcher versus the archers, with your battleship aiding in combat.
Building new units.

Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
The Civilopedia explains all the many leadership choices.
Pick your civilization and leader.
Set city goals for future turns.
Battle animations. The victor is based on stats.
Your advisors change with your technology level.
Moving units.
City models change to reflect their improvements.
Advisors ask for your decisions on civilization growth.
The tech planner helps you see what to research.
Wonders of the World take time and money, but offer large benefits.
Players are updated on victory progress throughout the game.
The Fog of War is an actual fog in this version.

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