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Sid Meier's Civilization Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Customizing world
Introduction scene
Parameters: Selecting number of civs in the game
Start of game
First city is founded
City management screen
Stumbling over some new tech while exploring
Palace building screen
Top five cities in the world so far
Map of known world
City status screen
Military status screen
Diplomacy report screen
Attitude survey screen
Trade report screen
Science report screen
Disturbing some barbarians
Discovering new technology
Attributes of new technology
Romans build a world wonder
City view
Europe, 1 AD
The Egyptians captured a city
Intelligence report on the French
Talking to Mao Tse Tung
Information on the battleship
Introduction. (256 color AGA Version)
Select a game level. (256 color AGA Version)
Rome captured. (256 color AGA Version)
Lost the game... But I will return - HAHAHA! (256 color AGA Version)
Discovered electronics.
Building a spaceship.

Atari ST version

Title screen and main menu
In the beginning
Select difficulty level
Select your people
Time to found the first city
A new city is born
Time to select what to research
Moving a unit
Info about masonry
Lets produce settlers!
Civil disorder in Rome
Meeting another civilisation
A new discovery has been made
Barbarians are on the move
The top five cities
Civilization score
That's not much of a military force

DOS version

Start new game Page
Select Difficulty level
Select your tribe
Start screen of new game
Start building of new city Splash screen
Inside new city
Example of helpscreens
Setting the scene
Developing a new technology
A tragic fate awaits the ill-prepared
Meet famous historical personages along the way
The look of your advisers changes depending on your type of government
These guys always crack me up
Capturing a city
Uh-oh! Looks like Lizzie means business
The game map in modern times with railroads everywhere
The bustling metropolis of New York
See how you compare to your neighbors
Your adoring subjects will build you a magnificent palace
Triumphant arrival at Alpha Centauri
Start new game (EGA)
Setting the scene (EGA)
That's what you get when you fail at micromanagement...
Iron working info
Intelligence report
Civil Disorder
Abe Lincoln
Old Town Lyon
Orders list
Final rating after completing a game

Macintosh version

Title screen
The intro
Intro continued
Intro ends
Choose a level
Ignatius, chieftain of the Germans
You start out in the middle of nowhere with your settlers
Founding the capital
Select a topic to research
Now I can build granaries and hanging gardens
Found a cute little village
The village was inhabited by barbarians!
Meeting with the Zulus
The game is entirely system-friendly
I'll show them
Browsing the Civilop├Ždia
The copy protection is no match for advanced players
The city screen
Berlin builds granary
Sending out a fragile trireme
Panem et circenses
It's a revolution!
Monarchy is better for the growth
She is not in a dealing position
Striking Berliners
Retiring for now

PC-98 version

Title screen
The short intro
Choosing difficulty level
Choosing your civilization
The default name for the Russian leader is "Stalin"... Are they out of their mind?..
Some explanations...
Founded a city. Moscow. Not much yet, eh?
That's how Moscow looked like... long time ago...
There is even information about terrain types and alike
Expansion is the way!
Scientific invention!
Uh-oh, I don't like what those tanks are doing here...
Moderately advanced, patriarchal civilization
Deers, fish... lots of wildlife
Moderately advanced city, Berlin
That's how Berlin looked in 1957?..
Oh my... now THAT's a city! Caesaria, the new capital of the Romans
Weapons of mass destruction
Over-populated Delhi
The greatest civilization
Olympic games!
Detailed information

PlayStation version

Main menu
Civilization selection
Game map
World map
My first city
City management screen

SNES version

Title screen for the SNES version.
Starting out.
A loading screen on an SNES game? Yep.
The city of Tokyo.
Inventing the wheel!
Sid Meier's Civilization (SNES): arrival at Alpha Centauri (not end of the game)
First city
Kyoto is occupied
Create world
Select difficulty level
Tribe of mercenaries
Name city
City overview
Peace treaty
Best 5 cities

Windows 3.x version

Startup image
Game menu
Game map in Windows XP
A city being overrun by Indian troops.
Military advisor in communism
Abe does not like the Indians :(
Abe's island after a nuclear attack
Customizing a new world.
World generation
Choosing a difficulty level.
What were you expecting?
Now the game really begins! Man, with Cavalry and Chariots right off the bat, I could take over the world in 50 turns if there were no bodies of water in the way.
Civilopedia entries at your fingertips
Additional in-game help!
Founding my capital city.
Not much going on in here yet.
What else can I build?