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Sid Meier's Pirates! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Setting game options
The story of your life so far
The game begins
Starting in a French town
Buying a letter of Marque from French Governor (it's the licence to kill the enemy)
Visiting a local tavern...
...and hiring some new crewmen
Also, the tavern provides you with latest news
Reviewing party status
Reviewing personal status
City information screen
Ship's log
Good hunting...
The lookout spots a ship
An English pinnace, the first victim
Battle at sea
Close combat starts
Duel with the English captain
Victory is ours
Salvaging "our" property
Attacking the English town of Nevis
The town had no fort, so you can attack directly
That was easy
This is getting harder, a town with a fort is attacked from sea-side
Climbing the fort walls and dueling again
Upon return to the French town the governor rewards you
Receiving information about your long-lost sister (is that Sean Connery?)
Trading some of the conquered ships and goods for money
Your wedding to the girl of your dreams!
Meeting with the governor's daughter.
Sailing for adventure on the deep blue sea!
Arriving at a seaside town.
Another governor's daughter.
One Eyed Willy wants to sell you a pirate treasure map.
Pirate treasure map.
A governor's daughter accepts your marriage proposal, but now you'll have to fight a duel!
Rescued your long lost sister!

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Joystick or Keyboard?
Your story
In a sword fight with the pirate captain
I lost the fight
At an English colonial town
Options (French version)

Apple II version

Title Screen
Swashbuckling pirate!
Main Menu.
Starting a career.
Start of your adventure.
Retiring as a sergeant.
Entering a town.
Fighting a battle.
Looting the town!
My party is on land.
In a town.
Getting awarded from a governor.
As you become more famous, it will be easier to recruit men.
Sea battle.
The enemy ship surrenders!
Looting the captured ship.
Taking a sun sight.
Talking with the governor.
A governor's daughter. Useful for gossip and of course marriage.
Tavern news. Did the Yankees win the big game?
Visiting another port.
Hot governor's daughter. The one that you want to marry if you can.
Trading with a merchant.
Another governor's daughter.
Tavern. I'd like a coke and fries, please.

Apple IIgs version

Title screen
Some scenarios that can be chosen at the beginning
Traveling at Sea
Encounter with a Frigate
Battle between ships
Battle at land
For service to the French Crown, I get the first title (Ensign)
Visiting an English town
Daughter of a Governor
A treasure map is offered in the tavern

Atari ST version

Title screen
First duel
Your adventure begins...
Arrival in Barbados
Visiting the tavern
Sail Ho!
Encountering a Spanish Galleon
An uneven battle...?
...yes, for the Spanish!
Go, get them!
Round up valuables
Next target: Trinidad!
Shouldn't be a problem...
Victory again!
Back home you are rewarded...
...and hear some rumors about your long lost sister
Small talk with the governors daughter
Trading with the merchant
This would be the rank if ending the game early
Starting your adventure.
This guy offers you a treasure map.
Talking with a governor's daughter.
You can buy info from seamen at the tavern.
A pirate!
Map to lost sister.
Found my lost sister.
At an inland town.
An ugly governor's daughter.
Attacking a town by sea.
Attacking a fort.
A beautiful governor's daughter.
Getting married.
Your story so far...
This guy is mad at me!
Rotting away in jail.

Commodore 64 version

Starting out.
Title screen
Selecting a time period
Options for entering (or leaving) a town
Town options
In taverns, you can hire new men ...
... and sometimes buy useful info or treasure maps
Selling a ship
Checking ship's status
Viewing a part of a treasure map
The ship's log keeps track of important events
Visiting the mayor of a town is often useful
Checking the weather
Encountering another ship
Ship battle - the more you destroy the other ship, the less there will be to plunder
Fencing with an enemy captain after boarding his ship
Getting rewarded for your service to the crown.
You may even get a chance to meet the governor's young pretty daughter
Another governor's daughter.
RATS! I got caught!
Hmmm... do you trust this guy or not?
You just won a free trip to Davey Jone's locker!
A brave duel with a jealous suitor for the right to marry your girl!
Going to the chapel to get married!
If you do real well you might end up as a king's adviser...
Or if you do bad, a bum on the street!
City information.
Taking a sun sight to find out your latitude.
At a tavern... Nothing happening right now.
Here comes the enemy captain!
Found a lost Inca treasure!
The beautiful type of governor's daughters in the game.
Land battle.

DOS version

Title Screen (CGA/Tandy)
Captain's Duel (CGA)
Sailing (CGA)
Some info
Mission from Governor
New crew members
On the sea
Time to duel
Sea battle
Easy win
Hard choose

Macintosh version

Introductory screen.
Disembarked and onfoot.
Approaching town.
Prepare to battle.
Victory is ours!
Exploring the town.
Sailing away.
Another ship is spotted.
Sea battle.
As ship collides
A fight ensues
Trading with a merchant.
Talking with a governor.
Governor's daughter.
Beautiful governor's daughter.

NES version

Title Screen
Main menu
Naming your pirate, choosing his special ability
Intro for your character
Talking to governor
Local news
Buying stuff
Personal status
Nice weather...
City information
Ship ahoy!
Ship battle
Another intro for another character
What to do with the town?
Fighting the guard's captain.
We plundered the Spanish city of La Vega.
What shall we do with this Galleon?
Visiting Santa Catalina.
This does not look good, I have only 12 men left!
Lost the battle and got Imprisoned.
You can buy information on other cities.
That Pirate offers a treasure map.
The treasure is somewhere near Campeche.
Governor's Daughter: Ugly - don't get stuck with her if you have the choice.
Governor's Daughter: Plain
Governor's Daughter: Getting better.
Governor's daughter: the most beautiful one and the one that I hope to be able to marry
Visiting a town.
Ship lost
"Little troubles"
Like a Crusoe
To the town for rum!
Tavern guys to recruit
Pirate ship
City in land

PC-88 version

Title screen
Sailing thes sea, searching for prey...
Encounter with another ship
Town screen
Duel with enemy commander

PC-98 version

Title screen
Title screen 2
In town
A scruffy pirate offers to sell you a treasure map
What's another word for pirate treasure? BOOTY
Trading with the merchant
Ship Ahoy
Sea battle

PC Booter version

Title screen (CGA)
Battle at sea (CGA)
Small Antilles
Ship Ahoy!
Checking out a port.
Fighting a jealous suitor.
Getting married.
The merchant's shop
Sailing into a port, now what do you do?
Talking with the governor.
A pirate's treasure map
Fighting with a fort's leader.
Your party is now on traveling on land.
A Spanish ship
Fighting a land battle.
Getting rewarded.
A tough looking bunch
At another port
Retirement from your days as a pirates... Guess I didn't do so well...
You rescued your long lost sister!
Meeting with a governor's daughter.
Visiting a tavern.
Let's loot this town, mateys!
The evil Spanish dude.
Meeting another governor's daughter.
You can check your log of city information at any time.
We plundered a ship!
Talking with travelers at taverns can be a good way to learn some info, but it will cost something.
Your ship's log.
Looks like captain hook here has a treasure map for sale.
Sunk an enemy ship.
A sea battle against another ship.
The enemy ship's captain is not happy with you.
Defeated a ship's captain at sword fighting.
Yet another governor's daughter.
I retire to a life of being a sailing master.
Buried treasure!
A pirate hunter!
I retired from pirating and became a major.
Ship wrecked.