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Silkworm Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Press function keys to select controls
Starting a two player game
Helicopter with shield
Level 1
Helicopter vs missile turret
Firing at enemy helicopter
Found a weapons upgrade
Level 2
Wave 02
Attempting to destroy the missile sites
This giant drops other small helicopters
You can shoot those mines
Fighting two helicopter bosses
Destroy this helicopter and you'll get an upgrade
Looks like flying orbs
No problem, I got the shield!
Jumping helicopters - now I've seen everything!
Stay alive and earn a lot of points
Reached the last stage
There's the final boss...
The high score table
Want to continue playing?

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Starting wave 1
Blasting some enemies
We destroyed the sub-boss.
Now, here comes the big boy!
Completed wave 1
Fighting new enemies in wave 2
Wave 3 does not get easier.
We both bit the big one in wave 4.
Lost the last life. Game over.

Arcade version

Destroy cannon
Avoid rocket
Shield structure
In jeep
Dead forest
Boss fight
Take bonus
Another helicopter
Game Over

Atari ST version

Title screen
Game start
Initial wave and weaponry
Shot down by the tanks
Different scenery
Watch that anti-aircraft missile
The first level boss
Bonus points screen
Level 2
The action is similar to level 1
Level 2 boss
Level 3 has some intriguing scenery
Using the double fire
Not easy to avoid all those
A tough level 4 wave
Good job I've got the diagonal fire
Now onto level 5 - on my first go, and I'm usually rubbish at these
High scores

Commodore 64 version

The loading screen
Title screen
Starting the game with the helicopter.
The boss helicopter at the end of the stage.
You will get an upgrade when you destroy this helicopter.
Fighting a giant tank.
Wave 03
Destroying the helicopters of wave 04.
I hate this rocket launcher!
The bonus points screen
A group of jumping helicopters.
These combat aircraft are flying very fast.
Wave 07
Reached wave 09 after 15 minutes.
This is the last stage.
Wave 08.
Wave 10.

NES version

Title screen
Choose your vehicle
A normal day on level 1
Shot down
A sub-boss is about to form
Fighting sub-boss
Killing the sub-boss gives you a weapons upgrade
Fighting the boss
Found the sweet spot
End of level
An invincibility option floats on level 2
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

Intro shot
Title screen
Game start
A level 1 wave
The first goose sighting
Turrets prove tricky
Level 1 boss
Level 1 clear
In need of the continues
Ground shooting perfect here
Goose on the loose
Level 4 boss. A copy of all the other 10 bosses.