SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Search place for new nest
Digging the nest
First ant is born
Surface map
New food source found
Beware of the spider
Some sorts of food are moving also
Food exchange the ant way
Food exchange the ant lion way
The yard
The house
Strategic view

DOS version

Title Screen
Main menu
Welcome to the tutorial! 2-D underground mode.
Now you're topside!
Plenty of help from the interface, and plenty is needed.
The light patter of rain bombards the dusty plains
The field of glory awaits!
Heavy number-crunching going on behind the scenes
Quick! Does anybody know mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?
If you die, fear not -- a replacement for you has already been laid.
Once the house is occupied and the occupants have been driven from the home, you have won the game!

FM Towns version

Title screen
A bunch of charts and graphs
Damn bug ate my ant
About SimAnt. Ants in Japan are grateful to T. Kojimab

PC-98 version

Title screen
Choose the game mode
Your first ant. Why would you want to have more, anyway?..
Crawling towards freedom...
The house owner and his dog :)
Behavior control
Great. Now the ground is full of holes...
Comparing graphs
Ant information
It's raining, and the house is all wet, because the idiot who is playing the game had to choose "no roof" view just at this moment!..
Hey, there seems to be food here!..
That's it. My ant protagonist is dead...

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen, the interface you can see in the background is from SX-Window, this is one of the very few X68000 games that was made for that program
Ant died
The house
So, do you know how many Glen Campbells does it take to eat a llama?

SNES version

Title Screen
Just starting out in the black nest
Carrying food back to the nest
Carrying a pebble. You can use these to build barriers.
Recruiting a group of ants to follow me
Overview of the whole yard
The behavior control menu. Use it to set tasks for the ants you aren't controlling directly.
The Caste control menu. Use it to set what kinds of ants will be produced.
Fighting in red territory
Assault on the red nest
Red ants breed chamber

Windows 3.x version

Title screen
Game menu
The spider eats a red ant
Black nest view
The red ants are attacking
Black ants in the rain...
Get rid of the spider!
Beware of the lawn mower
Your ants will leave trails if they find food...
View several important windows simultaneously