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SimCity Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Loading screen
Choosing the difficulty
Start of the game
A tornado strikes
Constant earthquakes destroyed everything

Amiga version

Title Screen
Select Difficulty and Terrain
Dullsville Instructions
Select a scenario to play. (1 Meg 64 color version)
Boston 2010 scenario info. (1 Meg 64 color version)
The map graph window. (1 Meg 64 color version)
Checking out the crime levels in the city. (1 Meg 64 color version)
There has been a nuclear meltdown! (1 Meg 64 color version)
A plane has crashed! (1 Meg 64 color version)
Tornado reported! (1 Meg 64 color version)
A monster has been sighted! (1 Meg 64 color version)
Evaluation. (1 Meg 64 color version)
City budget. (1 Meg 64 color version)
Zone evolution chart. (1 Meg 64 color version)

Amstrad CPC version

Title Screen
Looks like a good place to build a city
What power plant should I build?
Power plant built
Budget screen
My first residents have started to move in
It's getting bigger...
Someone at the power plant didn't do his job properly

Atari ST version

Title screen
Scenario selection screen
Scenario briefing
A busy city
Catastrophe strikes
Copy protection
A fire is raging in the city
Crime runs rampage
City map
Crime map
Power map
A small town
My city's budget
Wow! My little villages is now a small town
Public opinion
A monster attack
Godzilla is on the loose

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Title screen
Name your city
Start of a metropolis
The city grows

CDTV version

Title screen
Main menu
Four graphics packs are available in the CDTV version
The environment is generated randomly
Choose what to build
Options menu
Fiscal budget
Starting out with a power plant and some industry
Building a residential neighbourhood
Terrain map
Diagram of city development
Evaluation of the mayor
Your town has reached city status
The city is growing
Loading a scenario
Note the monster on the island
Playing with the medieval graphics
Playing with the medieval graphics
What the disasters look lk
Help screen

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Starting out
I've put in industrial, commercial and residential areas with electricity and road.
I've added waterworks and an airport.
The city from the edit screen. There is also a shipyard and power plant.
Population dentistry.
Godzilla is attacking the city!
Airplane flying over the city.
A fire has broken out!

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Choose Your Challenge (EGA)
Starting (EGA)
Your City Map (EGA)
A Disaster - Godzilla (EGA)
The Lizard! (EGA)
Credits! (EGA)
Title screen and main menu (MCGA)
Beginning a new city (MCGA)
Can you deal with San Francisco during an earthquake? (MCGA)
Title screen and main menu (Tandy/PCjr)
The Dullsville scenario (Tandy/PCjr)
Financial stats - in minus
Now village - mission: from zero to city.
Big Park
Tornado - far away from city
Public opinion
Crime grown... last time
Title Screen (EGA Monochrome)
Title screen (VGA/MCGA)
City map (VGA/MCGA)

Electron version

Loading screen
Title screen
Name you city
Game start
City is growing
Demo city loaded
Monsters destroys it all
Is the mayor doing a good job?
Map screen

FM Towns version

Title Screen
Scenario selection screen
Main game play screen with Boston loaded. Windows can be moved and re-sized. Game is running with English text.
Map window with Kyoto loaded. Game is running with Japanese text.

Macintosh version

Startup banner
Select a scenario
Scenario introduction
Comprehensive map
Detailed map
San Francisco earthquake

Palm OS version

Starting a new city
Starting out on an empty map
Choose what to build
Building some shops, away from the polluting industry
Building some housing and shops near the sea
Set tax rate
People start moving in in the new neighbourhood
Reached town status
A crime wave at hand
Building a police station to stop the crime
Reached city status
The city is growing
Building an industrial zone and a new power plant to feed it
Population density map
Ten-year graphs
The game starts with a simple tutorial
(colour) Building a new city
(colour) The people's opinion
(colour) Your city grows to town status
(colour) Map of population growth
(colour) An earthquake strikes, damaging some of the housing
(colour) City development over a ten year period
(colour) Your town has grown to a full sized city
(colour) Traffic is out of control
(colour) Map overview of traffic
(colour) A tornado strikes
(colour) The new stadium
(colour) You can save several cities, and even beam them via infrared to other units

PC-98 version

Configuration screen
Title screen
Scenario select
Building a new city. Generating map
Zooming in the edit mode
Financial situation
A patriarchal, small town, where the only natural disaster is "boredom", as the game says :) It's up to you to change that!..
Oh wow, now THAT's a city!
California earthquake!..
Coastal area in San Francisco
I just decided to build a complex railway network in the middle of nowhere. Who cares if nobody is ever going to use it?.. :)
Hamburg, 1944. Bombs are falling!..
Underdeveloped city. Needs some more work...
Yup, what this city needs is a subway system...
Mysterious building on the island... like that prison in "The Count of Monte Cristo"!...
Now this is HUGE...
It's nice to have such a park in the middle of the city!..
Detroit. Ships on the river...
Rio de Janeiro: flood!..
Futuristic Boston: atomic meltdown! It's 2010, according to the game... I haven't heard about it yet :)
A giant monster is attacking Tokyo!...
The green monster has just eaten up a building and is standing there, perplexed. Meanwhile, I send helicopters to deal with it!
Title screen (8 color mode)
Scenario selection (8 color mode)
San Francisco 1906 (English/8 color mode)

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting scenario
"About SimCity" menu
The X68000 version can also be played in English, just click the bottom option here
Godzilla is attacking Tokyo (English mode)

SNES version

Title screen
The main menu
Players wishing to start a new city can choose one of 998 pre-determined maps.
Difficulty selection screen, followed immediately by naming the player's new town.
A new game starts with an unspoiled natural area. Humans won't leave it like that for long.
The beginnings of a city, the colored squares represent vacant lots.
The spotlight tool can be used to find out the development of each building.
The game advises when certain issues become critical.
Dr. Wight, the advisor, also lets the player know about issues that affect the city's growth.
The yearly budget. Plan city spending and allocate funds wisely.
The information section of the menu bar contains important tools to being a good mayor.
The minimap is a necessary tool to address a variety of issues.
Public Opinion offers detailed information on issues and the player's score.
Address problems and keep the people happy and they'll gladly move in and establish more expensive buildings.
The scale model tool is for the casual mayor who just wants to watch.
Exclusive to the SNES are "reward" buildings, each with their own effect. In this case, only one may be chosen.
It's quite possible that seaside or riverside land will become more valuable.
The population is ultimately responsible for moving the city into it's next phase.... and also causing more problems for traffic and resources.
A structured city with lots of roads, which can cost quite a bit to maintain.
Disasters can ruin a good infrastructure. Exclusive to the SNES, the generic monster has been replaced by Mario's nemesis, Bowser Koopa
The scenario selection offers a variety of pre-set challenges.
A typical scenario briefing with specific goals

Windows version

Main menu
Game start
Windows 95 credits
Choose a scenario
Who doesn't remember the 2010 Boston meltdown?
Many Windows
The scenario description changes with the graphic set
Western graphics
The Terrain Editor is a standalone application

Windows 3.x version

Title screen
A fresh start
Scenario description
Progress chart
Approval rating
Full city, full-screen
City services overview
Starting a new city...
Riverside Boston (zoomed)
City view of Boston
Hamburg scenario

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Beginning to build a city
The city begins to be built
Disasters, one of the menus
The budget screen
Uh oh, fires and a tornado have struck the city!

Official Screenshots

  • SimCity Screenshot
    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996
  • SimCity Screenshot
    Official Nintendo Website, December 1996