Advertising Blurbs

SimLife (1997 Electronic Arts Re-release):


    Build your own ecosystem from the ground up and give life to creatures from the depths of your imagination. Design plants and animals right at the genetic level to influence how they look, act, and eventually evolve. Test their adaptive abilities by turning their environment into either a paradise where life is easy or a wasteland where only the strongest survive. Play with genetics, food webs, mutation, extinction and natural disasters to witness the effects on the gene pool, the ecosystem and life itself. It's up to you to keep your species off the endangered list.

    • Take on the gaming challenge of nine pre-set scenarios.
    • Design and conduct unlimited ecological experiments.
    • Manipulate genetic variables with a simple point and click.
    • Control land form, climate, time - even the laws of physics.
    • View multi-level maps and extensive graphs of your ecosystem.

    Contributed by William Brantingham (1) on Jul 05, 2018.

Back of Box (German Budget Re-Release):
    Erschaffen Sie Pflanzen und Tiere in genetischer Form und gestalten Sie Ihr eigenes Ökosystem. Verursachen Sie Dürre, Feuer, Überschwemmungen und viele weiter Katastrophen und testen dann die Anpassungsfähigkeiten Ihrer Geschöpfe. In diesem einzigartigen Erlebnis kontrollieren Sie das Land, das Klima und sogar die Gesetze der Physik.

    Contributed by NGC 5194 (17617) on Jun 01, 2003.