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The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Starting the game
This is what you get if you fail
All the Simpsons together
A toad on the road
Pick a door
Bartzilla rampaging in a city
Bartzilla climbing a building, attacked by Marge moth
Defeat Homer Kong to get the page.
Defend yourself against Itchy and Scratchy on the loose.
The dreaded Indiana Bart level

SNES version

Title Screen
Bart dozes off and everything gets wavy, in true dream sequence fashion
Bart falls into his nightmare
In game
Bart gets an F
When Bart finds a piece of paper, he gets to choose a door to a challenge
Bartman flies through the translucent clouds, taking down Krusty the Klown balloons
Nelson on a hang glider
Bartman fights the twins in their hot air balloon
Apu antagonizes Bart from his flying carpet
Smithers attacks from a blimp
The clouds above the power plant are toxic to the touch
Burns shows up in a biplane
Bart recovers a precious page of his homework
Bart fights germs
Bart in his own home, being pursued by Itchy and Scratchy, who want him dead
Bart explores the attic
Killer kitchen appliances
The telephone gets to Bart
An Indiana Jones-type adventure to recover a page of homework
The Ark of the Homework
Scratchy's malevolent tongue
Killer soap bubbles
In the basement
Bartzilla destroys Springfield
Bartzilla climbs a skyscraper as residents drop stuff on him
Marge-ra wafts by
Battling Homer as King Kong