The Simpsons: Road Rage Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Car Selection
Springfield Elementary
Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts! Canyoneeeroooo!
Snake avoids the cops at the dam
Homer's Plan
Main Menu
Willy's got a job to do.
Bart gives Homer a ride to work.
Better say hello to the Plow King!
That's the plan!
Dramatic Jump Scene
Let's give Ralph a ride.
It's a valid shortcut!
Destination Ahead
Evergreen Terrace
Unlocking Mr. Plow
The convertible school bus looks lame.
Mission Completed
Grandpa Visits the Dam

Xbox version

Main Title
Homer saw an opportunity for a profitable job as a driver.
Main Menu
Playing the mission mode.
Bart needs to take his father back to work in less than 25 seconds.
Dad's back at work, the boss didn't catch him, and everyone suddenly feels S-M-A-R-T.
Selecting a driver to play as.
Waiting for the green light.
Hey, is that a scratch on my car or just some artwork pun!?
Homer taking his boy down to E-Mart.
When noone's in the car, blue fields will mark the willing passengers.
With Homer's driving it is always good to have ambulance nearby.
Hey, I didn't know this thing can fly... let's see what else can it do.
A quick turn with a handbrake.
Privacy is ensured, so noone's asking about passenger's occupation.
Nope, the wheel didn't fell off, it's just that there's lots of magic in this game.