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Just doesn't live up to the standards of the arcade version DOS Katakis | カタキス (41003)
Another failure for PC conversions of arcade hits DOS Zovni (10638)
A pretty decent conversion......OK maybe not DOS James1 (247)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 18 4.2
Commodore 64 Awaiting 5 votes...
DOS 28 3.5
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 5 votes...
Xbox 360 Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 46 3.8

Critic Reviews

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The graphics are absolutely marvellous, from the brilliant movie-style introductory sequence showing Maggie's abduction to the in-game graphics. It's just like playing a cartoon. There are so many neat touches - just watch the expressions and reactions of the characters as they do battle, they're hilarious. The sound effects are also excellent - all sampled from the cartoon - and there's a version of the Simpsons tune thumping away maniacally in the background. Which adds greatly to the frantic atmosphere. Add this all together, and mix in the mega-addictive gameplay and you've got a coin-op that offers loads of fun... and keeps you pumping in the credits!
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
The graphics, animations, humor, and sound effects (including voices by actors from the show) are extremely faithful to the television series, giving the game the look and feel of an interactive episode. Adding to the fun are cameo appearances by Barney, Milhouse, and others, and a unique feature allowing two-character moves, such as Bart and Lisa teaming up for a rolling attack.
ArcadeSinclair User (Jul, 1991)
But it's the great looking graphics, good sampled sound and clever animations that make the Simpsons such fun to play, 'though. You can pick it up in seconds - and bask in the reflected glory of Bart, swathing a path through the bad guys, without ruining his hair. Essential summer recreation!
Xbox 360Video Game Generation (Feb 14, 2012)
Even though I definitely enjoyed the game, I still felt the $10 price tag was a bit steep for something so brief and unilayered. Sadly enough, it bristles a bit to realize that most of us likely spent more than that playing through the game back in the arcade days – but that sorry fact still doesn’t justify price gouging now. The Simpsons Arcade Game shows that in most cases, despite graphical limitations, the old games are still better than today’s far prettier, but far less entertaining crowd. As with today’s overproduced “music” and digitally reworked, 3D/CGI “films,” we may have gained surface prettiness, but the soul is gone. And everyone seems to forget: todays “oohs and aahs” are continually upstaged by technical upgrades tomorrow, rendering last week’s empty but “visually astounding” crapfest absolutely worthless in the light of tomorrow. It’s like they always say, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone.
Xbox 360VentureBeat / Gamesbeat (Feb 07, 2012)
The Simpsons is a classic of its kind, but some players aren’t going to understand why. That’s perfectly fine. Not everyone playing games today was 10 years old in 1991. For retro arcade fans who want to relive happy memories, or Simpsons fans hoping for a flashback to the days when the TV show was a cultural phenomenon, this is a fine little nostalgia fix. The 10-dollar download is a pretty good deal, too – beating the arcade game used to cost at least that much.
DOSDragon (Apr, 1992)
Overall, the graphics are decently done, staying within Matt Groening's animation style. The music, however, could have been better, with only the familiar theme song being to our liking. If you enjoy a mindless aggression-release game, then buy The Simpsons.
Xbox (Apr 19, 2012)
The best part of The Simpsons Arcade Game is that it’s actually a pretty good port. They could have released a version that flashed insulting messages about the player’s mom every other minute, and the nostalgia crazies would have still gone nuts for it because it allows them to play a game they used to play before life crushed their hopes and dreams. Instead, the game includes some unlockables and various other extras.
Xbox 360The Video Game Critic (Apr 04, 2012)
The Simpson's Arcade Game should have been a slam-dunk, but the people who port games to Xbox Live have an annoying way of sucking the fun out of them.