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The Simpsons Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Game title
Introducing Bart Simpson
The whole family in front of TV
The 1st player can only choose Marge
Stage 1 intro
Beat-'em-up action
Wiggle the joystick Marge!
Game starts
Spinning enemy
Fire brigade
Jumping rope as whip
Boss appears
Wrestling time
Go vomit!
Life lost
Bonus stage
Angry Homer
2-player action (attract mode)
Score ranking
Waylon already dropped Maggie into a river when saw a bear. YIKES!
"I see London! I see France! I can see that guy's underpants!"
Waylon robs the store!
Some people are shocking about the news while Waylon is behind them.
All fall down!
Lisa was shocked when she sees Waylon laughing while holding Maggie.
Look what Lisa makes at you.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Character portraits are shown during the game's adaption of the TV show's intro.
Character selection
Intro: Maggie gets kidnapped
Level introduction screen
First level in two player mode
Jumping to escape the thugs
Even the firemen are against the Simpsons in this game.
The first boss is a huge box whose shorts constantly drop down.
Smithers escapes in a balloon.
Bonus game after level one
I wasn't quick enough to pump my balloon.
Level 2: Krusty Land
At least I can beat back these mean Krusty impostors.
Got a hammer
Enemies in cups
Beaten up by freaks in bunny costumes
The second boss is a giant balloon.
Level 3: "Springfield discount cemetery"
Fake ghost in the tree

DOS version

Bart Information
Homer Information
Lisa Information
Marge & Maggie Information
Select Your Player
New Game - Intro
Stage 1
Use your skate
Kill the fireman
Stage 1 Boss
Stage 1 Boss with a little pants problem
Bonus Level
Blow up your ballon
Stage 2
The second chance ! You lost one life.
Kick the Clow
Use your hammer
Jump in the bunny
Stage 2 Boss
Stage 3
Watch the Fake Ghost
Kill the Zombies
Game Over
Title screen (EGA/Tandy)
Bart's info (EGA/Tandy)
Homer's info (EGA/Tandy)
Lisa's info (EGA/Tandy)
Marge & Maggie's info (EGA/Tandy)
Character selection screen (EGA/Tandy)
New game: Intro (EGA/Tandy)
Stage 1 intro (EGA/Tandy)
Stage 1 (EGA/Tandy)