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Macintosh 7 3.4
Windows 74 3.9
Combined User Score 81 3.9

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WindowsGameSpy (Sep 10, 2004)
It's hard to pinpoint exactly what made the first game such a smash success, but it was probably a combination of what's listed above. By all objective means of measure the sequel has it beat: it's deeper, has more flexibility, it's more engrossing, and it's even easier to modify and expand. But there's something else here as well, something that can't be measured. Sims 2 is simply a lot of fun. It's hour after hour of creative entertainment. Such an open-ended toy might not suit everyone's tastes, but for many people this will be the most entertaining program available for their PC.
WindowsUOL Jogos (Sep 17, 2004)
"The Sims 2" é uma continuação merecida para uma série de sucesso. O sistema do original já estava beirando ao arcaico, e as novas mudanças são capazes de animar até o jogador mais aborrecido com as limitações. Tendo em vista que o game só deve ficar mais interessante com as adições de fãs e da Maxis, "The Sims 2" é altamente recomendado.
WindowsGMR (Dec 15, 2004)
Be prepared to fight Mom for computer time, because the ultimate maternal gateway drug for gaming has just come out with a sequel, and no family intervention is going to stop your personal soccer mom from plunking her expanding ass into a chair and playing The Sims 2 until she passes out on the keyboard. And you know what? That's perfectly understandable, because The Sims 2 is so much more involving, more expansive, and just plain more more that you might need to buy a new PC so you can play it alongside Mommy.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Sep 14, 2004)
These concerns, while not minor, are overwhelmed by all that is great in a game that may well be the definitive “just one more turn” title. The Sims 2 is huge, and yet it is composed of thousands of little moments and delicate touches, like the actual chess games Sims play against each other; the slovenly, splayfooted gait and poor posture of untidy Sims; the nighttime spooning of a slumbering couple; the brilliantly animated cops-and-robbers games kids play; the stolen moments of warmth between parents besieged by rampaging toddlers. The Sims 2 is as big as life and as consuming. At heart, and with heart, it is a masterpiece.
WindowsGame Chronicles (Sep 23, 2004)
In short, The Sims 2 is a fun, open-ended game that allows for a lot of experimentation, customization, and creativity. Even after playing the game for many hours over the past week or so, I’m sure there’s still a lot that I haven’t yet experienced in the game. If you liked the first Sims game, I’d definitely recommend getting this one.
WindowsGame Over Online (Nov 02, 2004)
The most interesting element of the Sims is the random, life-like quality of it all. Your Sims do things you never told them to do – never even thought of them doing. One of the families I played with was designed to look like my wife and I and our hypothetical children, which was fine until my Sim started flirting with the cute neighbor girl from the down the street. My wife was very understanding about it – until the cute neighbor girl’s dad starting flirting with our newly teenage daughter! Now we have some kind of soap opera on our hands that was never what we intended – but it sure is fun to watch.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Aug 30, 2005)
If I were to be completely thorough about the Sims 2 and touch on every aspect of gameplay, this review would be about four times as long and remove a great deal of the wow factor for you. Part of my enjoyment with this game was discovering just how many ways your sims could interact with their world and each other. Should you tire of the core gaming experience, expansion packs are already on their way, and they should add all kinds of dimensions to the game, if the expansions for the original Sims are any indication. I hate to use phrases like "instant classic" but sometimes such accolades are apt. The Sims 2 is an amazing gaming experience that should appeal to most anyone who tries it.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Oct 27, 2004)
There’s one number that will instantly speak volumes about how popular the Sims franchise PC is: one million. That’s the total copies sold of the Sims 2 during its first 10 sales days. And that sales total is completely justified, because the Sims 2 is a great sequel to the all-time biggest-selling PC title. As addictive and incredible as the original Sims was, the Sims 2 takes that formula of game-making and juices it up and then some with a large injection of increased gameplay that leaves no “god game” stone unturned, greatly enhanced graphics and animation that finally take the 3-D leap, and a healthy dose of genetics that is utterly stunning in its realism.
WindowsGameZone (Oct 04, 2004)
How do you follow up to arguably the most popular and most accessible game of all time? You create the Sims 2. The move to 3-D, with a few additions to the massive catalogue of items you can purchase in the game, would have probably been enough to satisfy fans of The Sims. But Maxis and EA refused to rest on their laurels, refining and improving all that we loved, fixing what we didn’t, and adding enough new aspects to the game to make it feel new, while maintaining that Sim charm. Take away all of the hype, hyperbole, and this game’s celebrated lineage, you are still left with what can only be considered a masterpiece of gaming.
WindowsIGN (Sep 10, 2004)
If you're looking for a game that really and truly lets you create your own story and build your own history and world, this is the one for you. The series is unique and lovely, and while the premise may be four years old, the feeling you get when playing The Sims 2 isn't.
WindowsGameguru Mania (Sep 29, 2004)
As you can see from screenshots, The Sims 2 has gotten a graphical overhaul. Everything, of course, looks better in 3D and many of the objects have several color options, also the animation is much smoother and lifelike, compared to the first game. The sims show various amusing facial expressions (disgusted, lustful, bored, sleepy, excited, thoughtful ... ) depending on mood and situation. The camera is completely unlocked, allowing you to zoom, pan and move anywhere. With the game you may also develop a photo album, make a video and story of your Sims and then export them to the Internet. Overall, I highly recommend The Sims 2 to any fan of the original. Buy this game if your PC can handle it - see my recommended specs.
WindowsFOK!games (Sep 20, 2004)
De Sims 2 is in mijn ogen een meer dan geslaagd vervolg op de best verkochte game aller tijden. Alle vertrouwde functionaliteit en bediening zit erin, maar uitgebreid met een enorme lading nieuwe zaken.
WindowsPelit (Oct, 2004)
Olisi hulluutta yrittää käsitellä näin laajan pelin kaikki osa-alueet kattavasti läpi yhdessä arvostelussa. On kuitenkin selvää, että Sims 2:n tyylilaji on sellainen, joka ei vetoa kaikkiin pelaajiin. Päämäärähakuisuutta ja juonellista, rajattua pelikokemusta etsivät pettyvät, mutta nukkekotileikeistä, tirkistelystä ja sosiaalisten suhteiden järjestelystä innostuville Sims 2 on kliseinen pakko-ostos.
91 (Sep 16, 2004)
Es gibt so viel zu entdecken, dass man auch nach zig Stunden immer noch das Gefühl hat, an der Oberfläche zu kratzen. Macht euch gefasst auf eine Zeit der schlaflosen Nächte. Die Sims 2 verbessert das altbekannte und immens beliebte Gameplay mit zahlreichen neuen Objekten, neuen Interaktionsmöglichkeiten, einer aufgemotzen KI und nicht zuletzt durch eine rundum stimmige Grafik. Ergebnis: Die 3D-Sims sollten mit ihren Wünschen und Ängsten keine Probleme haben, die Sucht am „ganz normalen Alltagsleben“ neu zu entfachen. Und als ob das Gameplay alleine trotz kleinerer offen gebliebener Wünsche wie Netzwerkanbindung oder die Möglichkeit, seine Sims auch auf der Arbeit zu verfolgen, nicht ausreicht, um wochenlang an den Monitor zu fesseln, dürften die Sims-Fans mit den umfangreichen Community-Features Stoff über die nächsten Jahre hinweg haben. Kurzum: Die Sims 2 ist nicht nur eine würdige Fortsetzung und konsequente Weiterentwicklung sondern der Maßstab für Lebenssimulationen.
WindowsGamesFire (Sep 23, 2004)
Die Sims 2 macht trotz den oben genannten Kritikpunkten irrsinnigen Spaß. Von der Arbeit, der Schule heimkommen, denn PC starten und sich um eine andere Familie zu kümmern hat die Sims-Reihe einfach in sich. Besonders in Die Sims 2 hat Will Wright wieder gezeigt, was sein Team und er schaffen kann. Die Sims 2 darf auf keinen Fall in einer echten Spiele-Sammlung fehlen. Denn soviel Abwechslung und Spielspaß gibt`s nur selten in Einem. Deshalb hat sich das Spiel von unserer Seite her, auch einen Award redlich verdient!
WindowsPIB (Programmer In Black) (Jan 28, 2007)
The Sims is a popular game and for good reason. There are a number of things you can do, create and share with others. There's a large community involved so you can always find a helping hand. There are suggestions of storylines and goals, but you can play the game however you like. Want even more challenge? Take on one of the game challenges issued by fans. One of the best known is the Legacy challenge where you must take a family through 10 generations. There are a lot of rules about how to do this, ask in the forums for more information. Looking to buy something for a Sims fan? If they already have the main Sims 2 game, they'd probably enjoy getting one or more expansions that they don't own. Playing Sims is highly addictive, your family may not see you again for weeks.
MacintoshMac Observer (Jul 13, 2005)
ven with a few bugs to deal witht, The Sims 2 is the sequel Sims fans have been waiting for. Beautiful graphics, capable sound and the same incredibly fun gameplay that draws the player in and makes them interested in whatis happening with their Sim as well as wanting to push their Sims further by boosting their skills and talents. After three weeks of gameplay, I still felt as if Iid barely scratched the surface as to what I could do or ways to play. Decently priced at US$44.99, this is everything fans of the series could want and itis addictive enough to hook anyone with even a mild interest in the title.
WindowsGénération 4 (Sep, 2004)
Attendu par des millions de joueurs à travers la planète, Les Sims 2 arrivent enfin dans les bacs, une suite addictive qui vous changera la vie, une fois de plus...
90 (Dec 22, 2004)
I cannot recommend this game enough. It remains uniquely personal, terrifyingly addictive and great fun to play. Despite EA's cruelty in charging us £40 for the privilege (and the abuse their staff may or may not have gone through in making it), it's worth getting ahold of under any circumstances - though it's far more likely to get ahold of you somehow. And I warn you: it won't let go.
WindowsBoomtown (Oct 26, 2004)
The Sims 2 is recommendable to just about anyone. As someone who bought the original The Sims game plus two expansions, Sims 2 feels and plays like a new game to me although the concept is still the same. Although many groan at the past endless stream of expansions (give the cow some rest, will ya!) it’s hard to argue with their success and The Sims 2 is really an excellent game in its own right. One of the main things that has kept the franchise going strong is the community and The Sims 2 does nothing to reverse that; quite the opposite. Almost everything can be created or modified now. You have the option of taking snapshots and making a family photo album and even making an video file (in avi format) from within the game, which a lot of players have used (or dare I say directed?) to make their own videos.
WindowsGame Informer Magazine (Nov, 2004)
From deep character customization to neighborhood management, this sequel fills in many of the gaps left by its predecessor while continuing to add compelling new content like building family trees and a potentially hilarious Story mode. Add to that the phenomenally improved graphics (complete with emotive gestures and facial expressions), and you have a title that borrows the best parts of the original, its expansions, and console off-shoots, forming an engrossing and addictive game that lives up to its legacy.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 2004)
Een voltreffer zonder weerga die wellicht nog jaren in de top 10 van best verkochte pc spellen zal staan.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Sep 15, 2004)
Oh Magda, du bist eine tolle Frau! Darf ich dich küssen?", säuselt der Ehemann seiner äußerst attraktiven Putzfrau ins Ohr, um wenige Augenblicke später eng umschlungen Zärtlichkeiten mit seiner Bediensteten auszutauschen. Und das, während die Gattin eine Etage weiter oben just in diesem Moment ein grünes Alien-Baby gebärt. Skandalös!
Windows1UP (Sep 14, 2004)
As popular (incredibly, sensationally, time-space-warpingly popular) as it has been, The Sims wasn't a game for everyone. This was probably because in the strictest sense of the word, it wasn't actually a game. It lacked clearly-defined goals, leaving the player to create their own scenarios and decide what their own objectives would be. In that sense, it could much more accurately be described as a toy.
WindowsGamingExcellence (Feb 23, 2005)
Pick an existing community or start your own. Choose to live in an already constructed house or build one. Choose a family to live with or create your own. With The Sims 2, the options are endless. Maxis has taken one of the most popular games of all-time, and made it better.
WindowsGamer 2.0 (Sep 07, 2004)
The Sims 2 remains outrageously addictive, and the new gameplay elements have spruced things up enough that those that stopped playing The Sims a few years back would be well served to pick up the sequel. Gamers that wanted more freeform control, as well as those requiring greater focus to keep them interested will be happy to find augmentations in both directions. Dedicated fans of the original may be pestered by the pesky notion that the sequel doesn't add enough to their already bloated Sims collection, but most will be kept too busy to care, for the most part. Charming, unselfconsciously mundane, and exquisitely tailored, The Sims 2 fits like a toasty mitten.
WindowsGameSpot (Sep 14, 2004)
Considering that The Sims 2 offers both the original gameplay of the first game along with the new aspiration system, larger house building, and better character customization options, it contains a good-sized chunk of interesting things to do. However, you may still find yourself wishing there was even more to The Sims 2, especially if you've played through the original game and its expansions. Hopefully future updates and community contributions will fill things out. While it seems that The Sims 2's most significant additions will be most compelling and beneficial to those that were already great fans of the previous game, it's still a pretty accessible game that now offers more focused gameplay, if you want it. In short, The Sims 2 successfully took just about everything that was great about the first game and brought it up a notch, and while you might wish that the sequel had gone a notch or two higher overall, it's still a great game in and of itself.
WindowsPC Action (Sep 13, 2004)
Ich glaube, den Strandurlaub hat meine Freundin schon gestrichen. Es sei denn, wir nehmen einen sandgeschützten PC mit und einigen uns auf Arbeitsteilung. Solange sie in Sims 2 das Haus einrichtet, ballere ich mich endlich durch Doom 3. Danach werde ich in der Sims-Welt wieder zum liebevollen Papa. Da stehe ich sogar morgens um vier Uhr auf und wechsle dem Baby die stinkenden Windeln. Ich bin richtig froh, dass es neben der coolen Grafik noch keine Geruchsausgabe gibt. Okay, ich geb's ja zu. Alles Lüge. In Wirklichkeit kann ich jetzt endlich mal die Sau rauslassen. Ich poppe mich als hüftschwingender Single durch ganz Veronaville und zocke reiche Weiber ab. Und jetzt kann ich nur hoffen, dass meine Alte diesen Kommentar nicht zu Ende liest.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Sep, 2004)
Beim ersten Sims hat meine Begeisterung schnell nach gelassen, da man doch immer wieder dasselbe getan hat. Teil 2 hingegen bietet so viel Abwechslung, dass sich Langeweile bei mir nicht einstellen will. Je nach Laune spiele/lebe ich als: passiver Zugucker oder Sekunden-Optimierer, Single oder Großfamilie, Stubenhocker oder Schwimmbad-Stammgast, Bücherwurm oder Party-Girl. Ich wünschte nur, die Nachbarhäuser würden im Spiel auftauchen, und nicht nur auf der Auswahlkarte.
WindowsGame Informer Magazine (Nov, 2004)
What I really wanted from a long-awaited Sim update is here, but because of the somewhat niche quality of the gameplay, it's still not a title for absolutely everyone. That being said, I do think that the amusement factor and ease of play (see the sidebar for examples of how the quick-play console versions have updated the Sim experience) make this entry more accessible and outright fun than its predecessors. There's still room to rock my world, which is why I don't think that the game is perfect, but it's still really kick ass.
WindowsActionTrip (Sep 17, 2004)
John: I'm telling you, you little brat. The Sims 2 is every Sims fan's dream come true! It's got so many more neat things for us to toy with. It's just a better toy! The ultimate life simulator! Teenager: Dad, for starters, I don't want a real life simulator. When I play games, I want to be taken away to a fantasy world where I can be Riddick or a Mandalorian or Gordon Freeman (HINT, FUCKING HINT, VALVE! GET THE LEAD OUT! - Six). Being YOU in a video game is just no fun! Secondly, when you get past all the technical innovations and the added features, this is still very much your regular Sims game. None of the new features are revolutionary enough to advance the genre in any way. So the bottom line is that those who enjoyed other Sims games will enjoy this one, and those who were initially intrigued by the concept (like myself) but got bored with it after the third of fourth expansion, will see no special thrill in raising a virtual family even if it means they'll grow old and die.
86 (Aug 30, 2004)
Mit "Die Sims 2" erhält ein Kultspiel einen kultigen Nachfolger - das ohnehin sehr gute Gameplay des Vorgängers wurde geschickt um ein paar neue Features erweitert. Sims-Fans freuen sich besonders über die neue Präsentation bei der kein noch so kleines Detail verborgen bleibt. Die Konstruktion der ganz persönlichen Traumvilla macht eben so viel Spaß wie die generationenübergreifende Begleitung einer Familie - wer viel Zeit hat, sollte "Die Sims 2" spielen - alle anderen sollten sich die Zeit nehmen!
86 (Sep 21, 2004)
Why? This it the game you can play the conventional way…or make your own story and play it out. Because of the open-ended playing ability, you can play over and over, reinventing your aspirations and desires. Simply put, The Sims 2 will be a great addition to any collection, from casual to hardcore gamer; offering a little something for everyone.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Sep 15, 2004)
Rekeninghoudend met het feit dat The Sims 2 zowel de originele gameplay als een nieuw verlangsysteem heeft geïntroduceerd (en dan hebben we het nog niet eens over de mogelijkheid om grotere huizen te bouwen of je eigen karakter nog meer naar wens aan te passen) mogen we stellen dat het een succesverhaal is geworden. Er is natuurlijk altijd nog ruimte voor verbetering en - vooral - meer nieuwigheden (zeker als je een fervent fan bent van het origineel met z'n de vele expansiepacks). De toekomst zal echter moeten uitwijzen of het game een even levendige community-support zal krijgen - we kunnen er alleen maar op hopen. Kortom: de topper die we verwacht hadden!
WindowsLevel (Nov, 2004)
The Sims 2 e un substitut „dulce” pentru viață, dar de la prea mult dulce ți se va face în cele din urmă rău. Merită jucat și chiar îl recomand, cu condiția să nu uiți că există și ALTCEVA în afară de el. E o chestiune de voință.
WindowsGamezine (Sep 29, 2004)
Mais Les Sims 2 cache bien son jeu. Car derrière toute cette fioriture, on peut facilement dénoter avec un peu de malice, que l'intelligence artificielle n'est pas si complexe et travaillée que ça. Certains bugs lourds sont de retour : Vos amis vont ainsi s'amuser à vous appeler à 3heures du matin, tout ça pour parler d'argent pendant 5 minutes. Ou alors ils viennent crécher chez vous sans vous dire bonjour ni demander votre permission. Des bugs qui ont le mérite de rapidement énerver... Une attente évidemment récompensée, pour un jeu retravaillé et qui redonne le plaisir de jouer. Oublions le côté commercial et laissons-nous porter par la vague... En attendant Animal Crossing, évidemment. (N'y voyez aucun message subliminal pro-Nintendo :D)
85 (Sep 16, 2004)
Les Sims sont en train de vivre un grand moment de leur carrière vidéoludique. Depuis le temps qu'on attendait une suite, je peux vous dire qu'ils n'avaient pas intérêt à se louper sur ce coup-là. Même si certains points ne sont pas encore totalement irréprochables (IA défaillante, catalogue de meubles un peu vide), le concept revu et corrigé est largement payant. On s'amuse comme des petits fous à contrôler sa famille de Sims et à la suivre au fil des générations. Le jeu se paye même le luxe d'attirer à lui des joueurs qui avaient jusque-là résisté au phénomène. C'est bien la marque des grands jeux, non ?
WindowsFiringSquad (Oct 04, 2004)
When all is said and done, The Sims 2 is a lot of fun but it may not appeal to the more hardcore among us. Undoubtedly most people can find at least a little enjoyment while playing the game, if nothing else by building the houses or walling in sims they made to resemble people they hate. Other than the more unsavory side of sim-life, most people will find the game entertaining. Bottom line is that if you liked The Sims, you’ll love The Sims 2, otherwise stay away.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Jul 08, 2005)
Quite often a sequel fails to capture the greatness of its predecessor. It's difficult to evoke the magic of the original game, while making enough changes to keep things interesting. It's possible, but it is indeed a tricksy endeavor. So how does The Sims 2 live up to the game which was an industry leading bestseller? The best way to find out is to read on as I detail this hotly anticipated sequel.
85 (Sep 20, 2004)
On commençait à se lasser des multiples add-ons des Sims, qui n’apportaient pas de grandes nouveautés… Heureusement, EA Games a pensé à nous, et les Sims 2 sont nés. La suite de ce test vous permettra de mieux savoir ce qui vous attend dans ce jeu.
WindowsWorth Playing (Oct 08, 2004)
Naturally, if you despised the first game, you’ll hate this one as well. The Sims 2 doesn’t change the theme so many love or hate; rather, it builds on the successes of the original. If you were a fan of the original game, there is little doubt you will like this one as well. While it still suffers some of the same micromanagement issues as the first one, The Sims 2 is a stronger game than its predecessor. It’s addicting as hell, too. The first test run kept me up until 2 a.m.
WindowsGame Revolution (Sep 29, 2004)
All in all, The Sims 2 is more of a refinement of the original game than an exciting new offering. While that's not a bad thing, per se, it's lacking the innovation that enticed people to play the game in first place. Still, it's a solid, well-rounded sequel and well worth another trip to the dollhouse.
WindowsJolt (UK) (Sep 23, 2004)
If you’re new to the series, again it’s probably worth a bash – The Sims 2 is, after all, a lovingly crafted and very well put together piece of software. However, if you’ve played the first and got bored of it relatively quickly, the best advice is to steer clear, as there simply isn’t enough substance here to keep anyone expecting a constantly evolving challenge satisfied. That’s The Sims 2’s main problem, really – it may just about be different enough from its predecessor to be worthy of its description as a sequel, but it’s pretty obvious that the reason it’s lacking in substance is that a fair bit of content has been held back for the inevitable torrent of expansion packs. And that, my lovelies, is a little bit cheeky.
WindowsFactornews (Sep 29, 2004)
Les Sims ont toujours été une curiosité dans le monde vidéoludique. Les Sims 2 ne déroge pas à la règle et reste une refonte globale du premier. De meilleurs graphismes, une I.A. un peu plus performante, un gameplay modifié dans le bon sens. A l’exception de ces aménagements et de quelques nouveautés, c’est exactement le même jeu qu’il y a 4 ans, tout aussi répétitif, mais toujours aussi prenant. Les fanEUUs (60% des joueurs sont en fait des joueuses) seront ravis, ceux qui n’ont pas aimé le premier ne l’aimeront sûrement pas plus, mais il pourrait intéresser les curieux ou ceux lassés des jeux, au hasard, sur la 2nde Guerre Mondiale.
MacintoshNowGamer (Jun 17, 2005)
It’s the sheer diversity that can arise in the relationships between characters that makes The Sims games so endlessly entertaining, and The Sims 2 certainly takes that rich diversity to another level. It’s a shame that, like many Mac games, The Sims 2 is priced at a rather wallet-busting £39.99, but the game’s almost endless variety provides plenty of entertainment so it should certainly keep you playing for months to come. And it’s got to be better than watching any more of those brain-dead reality TV programmes.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Sep, 2004)
Les Sims 2, c'est comme Les Sims 1, mais en deux fois mieux. Plus joli, plus complet, il ne lui manque que peu de choses pour séduire potentiellement tous les joueurs. Si vous n'étiez pas fan mais que vous vous passionnez pour la téléréalité, vous y trouverez sûrement votre compte.
WindowsGameDaily (Sep 28, 2004)
However, working on building your Sims' bodies and personalities leads up to one very impressive addition to the game: the ability to pass those traits on to offspring. It is truly amazing to see a child born with characteristics taken from both parents. Players will be able to view a family tree to see how those genetics have progressed and how the family has changed from generation to generation. What doesn't change are the environments. No matter how many generations go by, the best TV will always be the flatscreen display, and they will always be playing SSX 3. The fashion choices don't change either. This, no doubt, makes room for a myriad of expansions that were so successful with the first title.
80 (UK) (Sep 22, 2004)
We guess, ultimately, that's where EA could make their dollars from the next half dozen expansion packs that will all sell bundles, but for now we're guessing that most people will just be happy that the sequel does a fabulous job of enhancing everything that the first generation did. Tampering with a winning formula has never been characteristic of EA, but still - there's a whole lot more Maxis and EA could do to give the game a much wider appeal. For now we're happy to have dabbled in The Sims 2; it's a thoroughly charming package rammed with possibilities. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to those that have so far resisted its charms, and for the real fans it'll be a dream come true, but whether we'll stick with it is another matter. Ask us when the inevitable expansion hits...
WindowsGameplanet (Sep 27, 2004)
So what's the bottom line in this game? If you have never played The Sims before and want to give it a try, then this, rather than the original, is the game for you. It is truly an updated version for modern systems. If you are an avid Sims player and want to migrate to the next dimension then, again, buy this game, but be prepared for it to not have the scope of the original for a while yet. If you never liked the original and want to know if this version will be any better and different then you might want to think twice.
80 (Sep, 2005)
Les Sims 2 se révèle être un jeu de très bonne facture. Il est à recommander sans hésitations aucunes aux fans du premier, et à ceux qui ont été attirés par le premier opus sans trop y jouer. Les seuls qui peuvent éviter cet investissement, ce sont les joueurs des Sims qui ont été un peu lassé du concept au bout de quelques parties, le gameplay fondamental n'a pas évolué, et les actions sont un peu répétitives et mécaniques au bout d'un certain nombre de parties.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Sep 09, 2005)
If this had been my first exposure to The Sims, I would've been all over this game. It's well done, it can certainly be entertaining, and it allows you play the game the way you want to: Donna Reed or Desperate Housewives, get married and raise a family or party with aliens and burn down your neighbor's house. As it stands, though, The Sims 2 really feels to me like yet another expansion pack, albeit one in a prettier shell with great new features that actually warrant an expansion pack. Fans of The Sims should certainly be pleased with The Sims 2 (provided they're not still playing on their Flower Power iMac), while those who got into the original but avoided its expansions may want to take this opportunity to give the franchise another look.
MacintoshMacworld (Nov 29, 2005)
I thought I’d follow up on my earlier first look at The Sims 2 with a final review of this sequel to the very popular Mac game. The Sims 2 follows the same ground rules as the original: you must guide simulated people called sims through their daily lives, helping them make decisions that will affect their careers, emotional well-being, and relationships.
WindowsGamekult (Sep 20, 2004)
Incapables du moindre apprentissage et pourtant un poil plus intelligents qu'avant, ces bestioles stupides parviennent néanmoins à hypnotiser de longues heures le joueur assez naïf pour se jeter dans leurs filets et c'est bien là la force de ce Sims 2. Pas si innovant et un peu lassant sur le long terme mais toujours aussi prenant, ce nouveau volet séduira donc de nouveau les fans (du moins ceux bien pourvus côté matériel) et laissera encore une fois les joueurs avides d'un peu plus de consistance dans l'I.A. de marbre. On n'a plus qu'à attendre les add-on, maintenant.
WindowsSuper Play (Sweden) (Sep, 2004)
Utvecklarna borde skämmas som levererar ett spel så fattigt på innehåll. Vi är värda mer. Ett mycket kärt, men långt ifrån friktionsfritt, återseende. Kanske kan några framtida expansioner liva upp lite.