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The Sims 2 Screenshots

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Windows version

You can alter just about any aspect of your Sims appearance.
Each Sim needs a different aspiration which will guide his or her lifestyle.
With two adults, you can create a child using genetics, which are characteristics from both parents.
You can customize the family tree by dragging and dropping the pictures.
Ah, my brand new, dysfunctional family, named after me.
You can move your Sims into one of three prebuilt neighborhoods with stories, or create your own.
This is what happens when you try to repair an electronic object with no Mechanical skill. At least my wife is worried.
The family has gathered to watch the cop beat up the burglar.
Everything is detailed, so much so that you can see what kind of food you're eating, like James here, and his grilled cheese sandwiches.
In addition to finding jobs and playing games, you can now use the computer to chat with friends, and order groceries.
Jennifer's just gotten fatter, which means the baby can't be that far off.
Jennifer is about to give birth! You can tell by the letterbox cutscene, which takes over whenever something important happens, like having a kid or getting married.
Damnit, I knew I should've paid those bills!
One of the games you can play is SSX 3, another EA game, and it's a full video; not just still images.
With the new engine, mirrors and pools reflect that of things around them.
The Social Bunny appears whenever your Social score is low, to help you get back on your feet.
When your Aspiration meter goes red, you have a breakdown and need to wait for the Therapist, who floats down from the sky.
The at-home obstacle course can be a humorous way to gain Body skill.
You can now visit community lots on your own without having to drag the whole household with you.
You need groceries to refill your fridge, which you can buy at a store, order online, or call for delivery. No groceries...empty food.
You can now build from a top-down perspective, like a true architect!
You can also combine several types of roofs into one