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Rapid Mood Meter RiseContributed by M.J. Corley (2) on Dec 05, 2002.

To raise most of your mood stats in just a few quick seconds, you must have the "move_objects" code on. To do this, press and hold Control + Shift+ C and the code box should appear on the the top left hand corner of the screen. Type in "move_objects on" without the quotations and press enter. Now, whenever you're in "buy" mode, you can pick up anything on the lot, including dirty dishes, old newspapers, dead mice, and trees that you once couldn't touch. You can also pick up your mailbox and place it somewhere else, but DON'T DELETE YOUR MAILBOX. If you delete it, you can only get it back by downloading a program.

That's just a little about "move_objects on". To raise your mood meters, once the code is on, save the game, click on buy, select your Sim and delete him/her. Now go back to "live" mode and your Sim's icon should have a red circle with an "X" in it in the bottom corner. Click on the head icon and your Sim will return to the game, with almost completely full mood meters. It will not fully raise the bladder and fun meters, but it's a great cheat if you want your Sim to stay up all night to work on a needed skill point. For those of you with Unleashed, this will work on pets too.

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