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Welcome to The Sims universe. You're never going to leave. Windows Matt Neuteboom (989)
What do you do when your Sim's life is more important than your own...? Windows Vaelor (381)
Simalicious Windows Kartanym (12763)
"We Create Worlds"...the Origin legacy continues... Windows Indra was here (20910)
And who DOESN'T like to control peoples' lives?? PlayStation 2 Haiku (10)
The Sims is what you desire it to be! Windows Stephanie B. (4)
A cult-favorite People Simulator fun for an entire family. Windows Ray Soderlund (3608)
How many expansions are they going to make for this game?! Windows Aaron Jones (16)
Maxis released another masterpiece. Windows ZombieDepot (48)
The best Sim game yet Windows Dragoon (107)

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Platform Votes Score
GameCube 12 4.1
Linux 8 4.0
Macintosh 10 3.9
PlayStation 2 18 3.9
Windows 213 3.7
Xbox 11 3.5
Combined User Score 272 3.7

Critic Reviews

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WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (May, 2000)
So, if you’re able to engage THE SIMS at one or inure of these levels, it’s a totally addicting, fascinating, charming, and—in small and unexpected ways— enlightening experience. That a piece of entertainment software is capable of evoking so much from its players is rate arid praiseworthy. But when one considers THE SIMS’ other achievements —among them, vigorously affirming the commercial viability of non-competitive games, enlisting players as co-creators at an unprecedented level, offering long-term support and extension of the game universe (for free), and, perhaps above all, getting garners to think about things like hygiene, nutrition, and a good night’s sleep (not that. it’s had any real effect around CGW)—one realizes that what we have in THE SIMS is an Important Game, one of those rarities that will make an indelible mark on our hobby. Such games only come around once in a while, and shouldn’t be missed.
MacintoshMacNN (Sep 27, 2000)
Following the genre, The Sims lacks a defined ending, as well as any specific goals. And that's the beauty of the game; short-term and long-term goals are set by the player, or none are set at all. You can create the family that you've always dreamed of having, or play out new love-triangles using the characters from your favorite sitcom or soap opera. The game's lack of goal structure may seem like a flaw to some, but we find it a stroke of pure game design genius that allows for infinite replayability and endless fun. The Sims is a fabulous virtual doll house of a game that will entertain Mac users of all ages.
MacintoshmacHOME (2000)
Later that afternoon, I contemplated the mindboggling brilliance of The Sims, and felt a pang of sorrow that I’d destroyed Frances and Frederick. It was then that my pre-meditated mode of protection surfaced: They were only Figments, they were only Figments ...
MacintoshAll Game Guide (2000)
The Sims, an extremely enjoyable and engaging game, weaves together the chance to direct the simulated life of a person under your total command, the fun of decorating a house the way you desire and the complexity of a simulated soap opera complete with fights, love, husband and wife stealing and children. Each part of the game adds to the whole to make a game you'll have a hard time ripping yourself away from. There is always more to do, more to see or a better, more expensive house to move into or build. Not only does the game hold your attention but you can play forever without your interest lagging. The Sims is one game you will definitely not want to miss.
MacintoshElectric Playground (Sep 18, 2000)
It's here! It's here! After waiting for what feel like millennia, Mac users can finally lose sleep, friends and sanity with the rest of the world!
WindowsSpel för Alla (Apr, 2000)
Med The Sims lyckas Maxis att förnya en genre som verkar ha varit livrädd för förändring. Istället för det gamla vanliga "samla resurser och slåss mot den lede fi" har de skapat något oförutsägbart och helt annorlunda. Jag lyfter på hatten.
WindowsEntertainment Weekly (Feb 18, 2000)
Wright's games are so habit-forming they should require FDA approval, and after playing this one for three days straight, you begin to realize that what you've been playing with, a la Rear Window, is your own life. That's right: Sims ''R'' Us. So when you sit on the couch with a friend in your real home, you'll think about your comfort and social scores increasing, just like a Sim. The creepy part is that you can tailor The Sims to mimic your own household -- even putting, say, your mom's face on the Sim next door (see for more info). Even better, when Sim Mom scolds you for playing too many computer games, you can send her to her room.
Windowsincite PC Gaming (Apr, 2000)
A frustrating, yet extremely addictive game that breaks new ground. You'll like it, we promise.
WindowsAll Game Guide (2000)
Any game that can instill such a sense of compassion for its characters is something special, especially when those characters are not great heroes in Earth-shattering situations, but ordinary people leading ordinary lives. The Sims is sure to appeal to all kinds of gamers, hardcore and casual -- the "heroes" and the "ordinary" alike.
WindowsGameGenie (2000)
The Sims is really, really cool. If you want a game where you can spend endless hours of your life dictating someone else's, this is a smart choice. This will probably be one of the best games of the year. I totally recommend playing the Sims, but remember: get off the computer every once in a while, or YOUR relationships will suffer.
WindowsEdutaining Kids (Feb, 2001)
Often folks turn to computer games for some much-needed escapism from real world concerns. With The Sims, players immerse themselves in a simulation that is not hugely unlike...the real world! The key here, though, is that players take on the role of director as they play a part in the orchestration of the lives of miniature people-like Sims. This program is a most innovative simulation game based on a rather, well, commonplace concept.
GameCubeAceGamez (May 08, 2008)
The Sims is like nothing you've ever played before - sure, it shares a lot in common with other simulation titles but as its name suggests this is the ultimate in simulation games as it deals with the individual on a very detailed scale. Intricate, challenging, totally absorbing and greatly rewarding gameplay combined with an excellent interface and graphics that fit the experience very well, you will find this to be incredibly addictive or incredibly boring - either way it's worth a try just to find out if you'll be the next gamer to succumb to the lure of The Sims.
There is a real community forming around this game, and it's no wonder. Just about everyone can relate to what this game simulates. We all share life, and we can all share the fun of this title. The sims are a lot of fun to play with and the only danger is that your own life - your friends and your family ties - might begin to suffer as you work long hours to improve theirs.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Jan 14, 2003)
And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!" The Sims is the biggest PC success story in years entirely unique gameplay and universal appeal that translated into millions of copies sold. Console owners will find the same magic in the PS2 version, along with a few new surprises.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Mar, 2000)
The Sims is eigenlijk een compleet nieuw spelgenre: de levens-simulator. Sim City meets Tamagotchi meets Theme Hospital meets Big Brother. Nu ga ik ophouden met schrijven, m'n Sims hebben aandacht nodig!
WindowsIGN (Feb 04, 2000)
The Sims, for all its frustrations, highs and lows, is still -- gulp -- better than your average working day in real life, and a fun experiment in psychology, love and relationships. Will Wright has once again changed the playing field, and hopefully the rest of the world will soon follow. Now if you'll excuse me, I want to find out why an established woman on a career track towards becoming Mayor of SimCity has just found it necessary to pee on the living room floor.
WindowsNUKE Computer Gaming (2001)
The Sims has turned out to be all that Will Wright promised and more. It redefines the word addictive, with an incredibly human, deep and entertaining game. Even after two weeks non-stop play, I still find myself sitting down at the PC, only to look up and realise I've been in a complete trance for five hours. This is another groundbreaking title from Maxis, and is recommended for just about everyone.
XboxConsoles Plus (Apr, 2003)
Graphiquement, aucun changement n'est perceptible. Ce titre est identique sur toutes les plates-formes. Enfin, et c'est dommage, les possibilités en ligne de la Xbox ne sont pas exploitées. C'est dommage, mais le jeu est quand même très prenant.
WindowsFiringSquad (Feb 16, 2000)
We are seeing the start of a great game franchise. Hopefully later editions will keep some of the quirky sensibilities, and the fun of discovery of this game, while deepening the gameplay. If you think of games like Civilization, or Sim City, they have a unique charm to them because of their direct gameplay. Later versions added increased complexity for better or for worse. Playing through The Sims some makes me want more depth, more Sims; I hope they can contribute to the liveliness of The Sims in future versions, without sacrificing the fun.
WindowsGamer's Pulse (2000)
The Sims is a giant step forward in the software toy time wasting genre. It is also a great cross gender game. The only violence in the game is the havoc you create. My wife loves the game as much as I do and that is amazing. Maxis and Will Wright have outdone themselves with this title. If you want to lose several enjoyable days of your life running [Ed. Note: Ruining?] someone else’s, this is the game for you, but be warned: it will take over your life. Don’t be surprised if the next time you ask a friend/spouse to do something, they reply: “What am I, your Sim?”
PlayStation 2Gaming Age (Jan 21, 2003)
The Sims on PS2 is just as fun as the original. Everything fans like about the original and more is packed into the PS2 version. Just make sure you take care of your own hygiene after a long play.
WindowsGameSpot (Feb 11, 2000)
This isn't to say that The Sims isn't an enjoyable and intriguing game, because it is. If you relished the feeling of complete control of building a city in SimCity, then you will doubtless enjoy the experience of building a domestic life in The Sims. And even those who didn't will still likely find themselves engrossed in The Sims' bright-looking, real-sounding, and highly detailed world of miniature people.
GameCubeGaming Age (Apr 02, 2003)
The Sims have received a faithful translation to all next-gen consoles. The GC version gets a better graphics boost than the Xbox counterpart, but both versions pack the same great gameplay.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Feb 28, 2000)
The Sims is een prachtsimulatie die je niet loslaat. In mijn ganse spelcarrière ben ik nog maar aan een paar spellen verslaafd geweest. The Sims sluit zich nu aan bij deze categorie. Ik verzeker je: eenmaal je begonnen bent, kan je The Sims gewoon niet uit je hoofd zetten. Dit spel is een absolure aanrader, maar dit enkel wanneer je niet in tijdnood zit!
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Mar 09, 2000)
Between its incredibly unique gameplay and heartily realistic character response system, The Sims comes off as a highly entertaining and twisted mix of Tamagotchi and The Truman Show. With countless additions being introduced through the official website on a regular basis, along with the ability to share photos, Sim families, and player-created textures through the Internet, the experience offered is as expansive as you could possibly hope for. The Sims puts forth the closest, most amusing rendering of digital life gamers have ever seen.
MacintoshMacworld (2000)
The Sims is one of the most compelling games to hit the Mac in years. The next time someone tells you to get a life, get The Sims instead.
XboxGameplanet (Apr 19, 2003)
Overall a great little game that increases the overall appeal of the Xbox as a game platform and will widen its overall audience.
XboxGameDaily (Dec 31, 2003)
Those who have never played The Sims ever should definitely check this out, while veterans of the PC game (even those as jaded as I was) should be able to rediscover what captured their imaginations all those years ago.
XboxGamePro (US) (Mar 26, 2003)
If getting a job, making friends, and learning to cook or repair stuff doesn't sound like fun to you, well, that's too bad. You'll miss out on a great time and a game unlike any other on the Xbox.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Feb, 2003)
If you’ve played The Sims on PC, then you know that it’s an open-ended game that goes on forever. The PlayStation 2 version still harnesses this trait, but it also has an ending. Much like Bullfrog’s Theme line of titles, this Sims features objective-based levels. The game starts with your character (whom you customized) taking a nap on his mom’s couch. A list of goals appears and you soon learn that you must complete these challenges to move out. You’ll need to repair the TV, take out the trash, clean the house, and get a job. Each stage brings with it different objectives and themes. You’ll be asked to throw a party at a frat house, get promoted at work, hook up with a loved one, start a family, and at the end, live happily ever after. With goals and parameters in place, the gameplay quickly transforms into something a bit different, yet just as seductive and relentlessly addictive.
90 (UK) (Mar 04, 2000)
The Sims really does grow on you, and with you. The way you play it depends on how you are that day, and what you feel like. If you are angry it will show, and if you are happy that will come through as well - it's compelling single player life that is genuinely as much fun to watch as to play. It's not devoid of problems though - the lack of any real objectives becomes somewhat tedious after a while, but it is still hard not to recommend The Sims to everyone. It's original, compelling, and best of all enjoyable.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Feb 08, 2000)
There will be a lot of people writing about what the game says about society, and interpersonal relationships, yadda yadda yadda yadda. But The Sims doesn't really model real life; instead, it creates a hyper-real soap opera, where you're the screenwriter that deftly mixes the melodrama of General Hospital with the showmanship of professional wrestling. (Only with less swearing.) It's the ultimate interactive fiction/role-playing/strategy/simulation game, where you're generating fiction for your virtual Jobs or Judys, sending them on the highest highs or the lowest lows (the latter seems to be more interesting to explore for most people, twisted psychopaths that we are). It may be pointless, and also brilliant, but it's safe to say there's nothing quite like The Sims. Its possibilities are endless.
90 (Feb 16, 2000)
Le nouvel épisode de la série des Sims est une vraie réussite. Loin de reprendre le thème pour l'adapter à un environnement, The Sims créent un nouveau genre... intuitif, intelligent, attachant et drôle.
WindowsGamerDad (Jun 26, 2003)
The Sims can provide a lot of non-violent entertainment, and even teach children about basic goal setting and planning. But some of the unintended comedic potential of the game has macabre twist. Youths playing the game have had fun playing pranks on their Sims, letting them run around in a house without a bathroom or swim in a pool with no exit ladder. Obviously, these can be harmless shenanigans for players of an appropriate maturity level. There are some mature themes in the game, hence its Teen ESRB rating. But The Sims keeps things tasteful from a graphical perspective, blurring out the scenes where a sim must take a shower or go to the bathroom. The game's extensibility provides a good playground for active minds, and an abundance of available add-on packs offer tremendous content.
PlayStation 2GamerDad (Jun 26, 2003)
The Sims can provide a lot of non-violent entertainment, and even teach children about basic goal setting and planning. But some of the unintended comedic potential of the game has macabre twist. Youths playing the game have had fun playing pranks on their Sims, letting them run around in a house without a bathroom or swim in a pool with no exit ladder. Obviously, these can be harmless shenanigans for players of an appropriate maturity level. There are some mature themes in the game, hence its Teen ESRB rating. But The Sims keeps things tasteful from a graphical perspective, blurring out the scenes where a sim must take a shower or go to the bathroom. The game's extensibility provides a good playground for active minds, and an abundance of available add-on packs offer tremendous content.
WindowsActionTrip (Jun 01, 2000)
There you have it; I have pointed out some of the game's flaws, and presented a few opinions on the "cosmetic" aspects of: sound (rather conceptual, not purely cosmetic), visuals and controls, while keeping in mind that in which ever way you look at it The Sims is just one addictive experience transcending the usual reach of games. I should also point out that this is a rather unique way of dealing with the whole reviewing business, that I feel brings more depth and perspective to the readers willing to form an objective opinion. One thing is certain, no matter what gets written on the game, it has already reached a cult status in the community, therefore making it very hard for anybody involved in the Sims-mania to dish out an unbiased opinion. The Sims is THE work from Will Wright up to this point. Original, amusing addictive, and most of all incredibly fun and relaxing to play. If we only had more great ideas like this.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Wie faszinierend die kleine simulierte Welt der Sims tatsächlich ist, zeigt sich, sobald man sich davon losgerissen hat: Selbst wenn man nicht am PC sitzt, grübelt man darüber nach, was man seiner Familie als nächstes kauft und welche Fähigkeiten es sich zu trainieren lohnt. Die Sims überschüttet Spontan-Drauflos-Spieler mit Erfolgserlebnissen am laufenden Band („Es ist ein Junge!“), doch mit zunehmender Spieldauer ist eine gehörige Portion Geduld vonnöten – Tätigkeiten, die man anfangs mit Begeisterung erledigt (duschen, kochen, Zeitung lesen, Briefkasten leeren etc...) können mitunter als lästig empfunden werden. Was nichts an der Genialität der Sims ändert: Diese geballte Ladung Spielwitz sollten Sie sich auf gar keinen Fall entgehen lassen!
WindowsGame Over Online (Feb 14, 2000)
As a conclusion, I must warn any action gamers that victory does not come too quickly, you must spend some time on the game to learn how to balance your Sims' needs and not get depressed all the time. The game is quite fun to play for hours on end, though frustrating in the beginning, and is rewarding when you do well (though it can quickly go all crap again). An original concept that's been pretty well carried out, with no real game-breaking flaws, just some irritating features that could have been worked on some more. There are a lot of game tools available for this on the web at The Sims Official Website which will keep most people happy for a while creating new objects, faces, skins, animations and houses. A good buy then, for hours of simulated life fun.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine (May, 2003)
Like other consoles in the last few months, the diminutive GameCube is playing host to The Sims. While the missions, items, structure, and options are the same for each system; the ‘Cube version is a nice addition to a library lacking in simulation titles. A word to the wise – saving your game takes 60 blocks, which means that you’re going to need a big motha’ memory card
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Apr, 2003)
Some seem to think of the Sims as a sick sort of social experiment, but I’m certainly hoping that no one’s keeping score. How many times did my mohawked character pee on the floor? I can’t even manage someone’s bladder!The new console versions (and this Xbox iteration in particular) do have an excellent control scheme that allows both newbies and Sim experts to have massive control at the tips of their fingers. Every menu is accessable from a quick, single-button press (this includes the status bars and goal lists).
WindowsGamezilla (Mar 08, 2000)
What makes The Sims so intriguing is that it immerses you in an imaginary world that is almost exactly like the real one. All the common tasks that we encounter every day are encompassed within the game. Cooking, cleaning, relaxing in front of the television, throwing parties, socializing with your neighbors, managing career and home life, even flushing the toilet, are all tasks in which you must guide your Sims. And although these seem trivial in reality, it becomes a fun challenge to maintain the happiness of your Sims by making them perform these various tasks. Fans of Sim-style games may come to love The Sims as it really is another game in the evolution of the genre. Others, however, will find it somewhat monotonous and too similar to everyday life. That being said, no one can deny that this is one of the most original and interesting games to hit the shelves in many moons.
GameCubeWorth Playing (Apr 14, 2003)
Well, I thought my sims lovin’ days were over, but just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in. Even after spending countless hours with The Sims on the GameCube (and loving every minute of it, mind you) I can’t help but wonder what the next manifestation of The Sims will be like. The Sims 2 may very well be the death of me. Unless Maxis decides not to make the game. But they will, right?
XboxArmchair Empire, The (Apr 12, 2003)
While The Sims isn’t a totally radical departure from its PC origins, the Xbox version scores just a tad higher than on the other console version I’ve played, the GameCube, because of its slightly better graphics, more comfortable controller, and easier game save system on the built-in Xbox hard drive. But whatever console you play The Sims on, its new and improved 3D graphical presentation, console-friendly controls, and new single-player and two-player modes make The Sims a sim-sationally fun game that is a splendid addition to The Sims universe.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2000)
Das neue Jahrtausend ist gerade mal ein paar Monate alt, und schon erscheint das erste fesselnde PC-Suchtspiel. Will Wright hat das Kunststück geschafft, eine einzigartige Spielidee mit glänzendem Design zu kombinieren. Die Sims ist das erste ionnovative Echtzeitstrategie-Spiel seit langem. Und so faszinierend, daß ich bim Testen zwar meine Sims-Familie pünktlich und gut gefüttert ins Bett brachte, meinen eigenen Magen und mein echtes soziales Umfeld aber vergaß. Wer einen Nerv für das häusliche Szenario hat, wird seine Sim-Sippe hochmotiviert durch die Tücken des Alltags leiten. Auch wenn man die meisten Objekte kennengelernt und Erfolg in Beruf und Liebe erzielt hat, gibt es enorm viel auszuprobieren - ich sage nur "Dreierehe". An der Spitze der Karrierewege locken Positionen wie Astronaut, Bürgermeister oder Mafiaboß.
PlayStation 2Game Over Online (Nov 30, 1999)
Visually, The Sims is a sight to behold, if only because the transition from 3D-style sprites to full-on polygons is so seamless and efficient. Every object in the game, be it a plate of food or a jumbo plasma-screen TV, is rendered with impressive detail. The Sims won’t be winning any technological awards in the graphics department but when compared to the PC original, the difference is night and day. The coolest addition to the visual facet of the game is the ability to freely rotate the camera. |That may not sound like much but once you get used to the convenience that it brings to the table, you’ll swear by it.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Apr, 2003)
Alles in allem also mehr als nur gelungene Konvertierung des ohnehin super erfolgreichen PC Spiels.
86 (Aug 01, 2000)
Selten ist mir so ein vielseitiges Spiel untergekommen. Die Möglickeiten sind schier unbegrenzt. Allein das Häuserbauen macht einfach Spaß. Auch die Interaktion mit dem Spiel ist sehr gut geraten. Um es kurz zu sagen, Die Sims macht einfach Spaß und ist eins der wenigen Spiele für die ganze Familie! Ich freue mich schon das Add-on Livin Large.
WindowsGameSpy (Feb 12, 2000)
The Sims is a one-of-a-kind game that's just dripping with originality. Most gamers should consider playing it on general principal, but the addictive and fun gameplay, tons of personality, and huge replay value are pretty good reasons as well.
GameCubeGamers' Temple, The (Apr 17, 2003)
The Sims is a dangerously addictive game that you have to carefully monitor yourself with or you may find many, many hours of your own life missing while your Sim is living the good life.
GameCubeArmchair Empire, The (Apr 12, 2003)
While The Sims isn’t a totally radical departure from its PC origins, the GameCube version scores just a tad lower than on the other console version I’ve played, the Xbox, because of its slightly less-defined graphics, less comfortable controller, and having to use a memory card instead of the easier game save system on the built-in Xbox hard drive. But whatever console you play The Sims on, its new and improved 3D graphical presentation, console-friendly controls, and new single-player and two-player modes make The Sims a sim-sationally fun game that is a splendid addition to The Sims universe.
PlayStation (Mar 18, 2003)
This is and always a classic PC title. It is obvious too that a lot of work has gone into the PS2 version, to such an extent that it not just a remake of a PC great but a new game in its own right. The graphics have been considerably updated, the play modes have been constructed with console players in mind and the original concept has been tweaked and honed to perfection. It does falter a little on the controls front which can take time to master but once starting this game the early hours will pale in comparison to the overall marathon you are bound to get out of this game. I only suggest, however, that if you want to keep your life don't buy this game.
PlayStation 2Armchair Empire, The (Feb 23, 2003)
The Sims is a solid game, which should have any Simulation fan playing this for a while. The game’s multiplayer is loads of fun as well and is great when you have friends over. The Sims is truly a game of patience and a rental may not be enough to experience this great game.
GameCubeGame Vortex (May 05, 2003)
All in all, The Sims may not seem like any powerful force in the video game world. Nevertheless, it's a series that many have tried to replicate, but none have ever succeeded, except for the creators of themselves. The GameCube version of the series is making huge leaps, but it still focuses on the same basic concepts of life simulation. How this game reaches such a level of popularity and obsession is beyond me, yet it always seems to do just that. The Sims is a mysterious force that plays with our minds, leaving us always wanting more, and playing until we get it.
GameCubeGameZone (Apr 03, 2003)
The Sims is a fun and addictive game that GameCube owners (especially anyone who enjoyed Animal Crossing) owe it to themselves to try. While the gameplay has aged, the new play modes are reason enough for Sim fans to pick this version up. While some may not have the patience to play the game for an extended amount of time, those who do will find an excellent title with great replay value.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Feb 18, 2000)
Знаю — кого-то игрушка разочарует. К примеру, любителей революционного AI. В отличие от Creatures, все, что делают симы — не более чем набор отлично проработанных интерактивных скриптов. Поиски драйва и атмосферы здесь также обречены на провал. К примеру, сколько динамики заключено в мытье посуды? А атмосферности в выносе мусора? Вот именно: ноль. Зеро. Nil. Тем не менее The Sims — абсолютно гениальная вещь, хит и, не побоюсь этого слова, культ. Продажи будут просто бешеными. А знаете, почему? Да потому что «Симы» — игра не о суперменах, норнах или, тьфу-тьфу, покемонах. Она — об обычных людях. То есть О НАС С ВАМИ. Пусть и в несколько упрощенном виде.
XboxGamers' Temple, The (May 01, 2003)
The aspects of the game that make it so interesting to many players can also make it very boring for others. There are stretches in the game where you'll need to concentrate on managing your sims needs and you'll face game day after game day of telling your sim to eat, shower, and go to the bathroom. The game's voyeuristic nature will not be enough to substitute for its lack of action for plenty of gamers. Even the game's multiplayer levels can't come close to matching the excitement of a deathmatch or a sports event. When you're competing to make the most friends in the game you and your friend will be doing a lot of sitting on the coach and watching the game play itself after you give a few orders. Taken for what it is, The Sims is a very different kind of game that will certainly add variety to your game library. If you're unsure of how you'll take to managing a sim's life, though, you'd best give the game a rental run first.
XboxIGN (Mar 24, 2003)
Yes, it's a strange, sick world in which we live, and thankfully, The Sims has fully recreated it -- for better or for the worse. Let your Sim sleep through his alarm clock, and you'll lose your job, lose your cash flow, and be forced to pawn your fancy pool table that all your friends love. Oh, and then you'll lose your friends. If that pattern of living hits a little too close to home in the real world, then we fully recommend picking up The Sims and giving your life a second try.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Mar, 2000)
Även om det är bra, så är inte The Sims fantastiskt. Tyvärr har verklighetsivrarna en poäng. Trots att det är enormt beroendeframkallande, tänker du ändå: "Vänta lite, är inte det här en smula trist?". Det händer egentligen inte så mycket - ett inbrott, en eldsvåda - och precis som i verkliga livet kan de problemen lösas med ett telefonsamtal. För att The Sims verkligen ska engagera måste det till historier och något som skulle kunna likna uppdrag.
GameCubeIGN (Mar 24, 2003)
The "Sims" concept is an oldie but a goodie. Series creator Will Wright has always had a fascination with building things, and from that love, a simple yet brilliant urban design simulator was born in 1989 known as SimCity. Instead of laying waste to modern civilization with firearms and hand grenades, Wright's PC software went against the grain by enticing players to be constructive and create their world -- with the occasional natural disaster tossed in for good measure. This concept of turning players loose to design, customize, build, and interact with their virtual surroundings has captivated gamers ever since, and the success of the Sims franchise has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs into other Sim territory. We've seen everything from SimCopter to SimCoaster to SimMars and, yes, even SimAnt, of all things. And the funny thing is, nearly all of these titles continue to keep us glued to our mice and keyboards with every new, zany Sim idea that's hatched.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Jan 27, 2003)
Since The Sims hit the shelves in 2000, creator Will Wright and his band of simulated people have turned into The Beatles of the gaming world. The best-selling PC game has attracted legions of devotees, who have greedily snatched up the game's five expansion packs, and now have been turned on to the game's online counterpart, The Sims Online. The more mainstream console world can now experience full-scale Sims addiction as Maxis' beloved title is released for PlayStation 2. Consider yourself warned.
PlayStation 2Game Freaks 365 (Apr 19, 2003)
The graphics are marvelous for the PS2 and yet, they aren't much improved from the PC version which was released in 2000. The characters are detailed and completely customizable. There is a plentiful amount of furniture to go around and the flooring and walls come in many different varieties. The sound is decent, but like in Animal Crossing, the "Sims" speak in what I like to call the "Jibberish" language. Overall, The Sims for PS2 is very pleasing and totally different from the PC version. That does not mean that the PS2 version is better than the PC version and is actually a false statement in my opinion.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Feb 21, 2000)
Leef je stoutste en minder stoute dromen uit in dit spel. Mijn Sim had een vrouw, twee 'vriendinnen', een 'vriend' én een carrière in het leger. Of laat je gewoon volledig gaan als architect.
XboxTeamXbox (Apr 03, 2003)
Now, in its best form since the original, the Sims is available to Xbox gamers everywhere. Featuring great new graphics, new gameplay, and a console-designed mission mode, gamers should be jumping for joy at this new Sims made especially for them. Anyone who hasn’t played the Sims would be doing an injustice to himself or herself for not picking this up. Previous Sims owners would get just as much enjoyment from this title as they did the first time they played their PC gem. The Sims is wildly addictive and simply unbelievable.
84 (Sep 18, 2002)
This real-life simulator will keep you busy for the next few weeks (24/7, be assured). Just don't let it replace your real life like it did with me. By the way, gotta go. The Sims are calling.
83 (2000)
Was fehlt den Sims eigentlich zum pefekten Spiel? Es bietet auf lange Sicht zu wenig Neues und zu wenige Möglichkeiten. Ein Mehrspieler-Modus ist leider auch nur indirekt mit Sim-Exchange (siehe Box) möglich. Die Sims ist aber eins: willkommen anders. Es spricht eigentlich jeden an und begeistert sofort. Man holt es immer mal wieder für eine kleine Runde raus, die meist länger dauert, als man sich vorgenommen hat.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Jan, 2003)
The Sims, the digital people simulator already 3 years strong on the PC, has been translated to the PS2. With a new goal driven single player game, several two-player options, and a well-mapped control system, it's more than just a port. Hours can whiz by just coaxing your little Sims along, pushing them to succeed, gain friends, and fight the ever-present menace of BO. The Sims is still the same empathically clever game that it ever was, yet it retains many of the same little problems, such as the micromanagement annoyances and the lack of aging characters.
WindowsPC Joker (Mar, 2000)
Nur noch einen Skillpunkt... ah, endlich die Beförderung. Von der Gehaltserhöhung leiste ich mir die Bang & Olufson-Anlage, dann klappts vielleicht auch mit der Nachbarin? Doch, die Sims entwickeln sofort den maxistypischen Suchtfaktor - nett animierte, zoom- und drehbare Grafik, komfortable Bedienung. Lediglich die Formel „mehr Luxus gleich mehr Glück“ plättet gelegentlich des Niveau. Doch die Motivation bleibt hoch, dafür sorgen schon Features wie Internetaustausch und Editoren.
WindowsPower Play (Feb, 2000)
Es gibt zwar Dinge. die ich mir noch gewünscht hätte (zum Beispiel, daß Kinder auch mal erwachsen werden und dann ihr eigenes Leben führen, daß man nicht jeden Tag arbeiten gehen muß, sondern auch die Wochenenden genießen kann, oder daß sich die Sims weniger oft gegenseitig im Weg stehen). Trotzdem kann kein Zweifel daran bestehen, daß diese neue Maxis-Sim ein echter Gute-Laune-Quell ist! Und ich müßte mich schon sehr täuschen, wenn sie sich nächstes Jahr um diese Zeit nicht zu einem coolen Kult gemausert hatte...
82 (Apr 16, 2003)
Es war kaum anders zu erwarten: Nachdem bereits die PS2-Fassung überzeugen konnte, sorgen die Sims auch auf der Xbox für eine Menge Spaß. Der Sprung in die Dreidimensionalität ist gut gelungen, lässt aber einige Wünsche unbeantwortet. Und selbst wenn am grundlegenden Gameplay des PC-Kultes nichts geändert wurde, sorgen der neue Missionsmodus und die Zwei-Spieler-Möglichkeit für neue Impulse, die dem Spiel nur gut tun. Da auch die Steuerung stimmt, können alle Spieler, die nach dem „etwas anderen“ Spiel suchen, getrost einen Abstecher in die Welt der Sims wagen. Wer allerdings nach Action sucht, ist hier deutlich fehl am Platze.
82 (Apr 16, 2003)
Die Sims bleiben auch auf dem GameCube kultig. Alles, was man am Spielprinzip hasst oder liebt, ist da und wird durch die neuen Missionen und den Zweispieler-Modus mit neuen Nuancen versehen. Und da das Gameplay so fasziniert wie eh und je und sich in einer Nische jenseits jeglicher Action breit macht, nimmt man auch weitestgehend unbeeindruckt in Kauf, dass die Grafik zwar besser als auf dem PC ist, jedoch weit davon entfernt ist, für einen neuen Standard zu sorgen. Da auch die Steuerung optimal gelöst wurde, können alle, die mal etwas anderes als den üblichen Spielebrei erleben wollen, getrost zugreifen. Allerdings nur wenn sie eine Memory Card 251 im Repertoire haben.
PlayStation (Feb 11, 2003)
Der Sprung vom Monitor auf den Fernseher ist gelungen. Angereichert mit einigen neuen, ideal für Konsole umgesetzten Ideen und einer nahezu perfekten Steuerung können die Sims auch auf der PS2 für zahllose Stunden ungezwungenen Vergnügens sorgen. Grafisch zwar nicht die Erfüllung, kann die komplett dreidimensionale Umgebung überzeugen und hebt sich wohltuend von den PC-Sims ab. Auch der neue Missions-Modus und die Zwei-Spieler-Optionen machen Laune und sorgen für Stimmung. Doch im spielerischen Kern hat sich wenig geändert, was angesichts des Erfolges auf dem PC zwar nicht wundert, aber einen trotzdem den Zahn der Zeit spüren lässt. In Zeiten von immer greller und lauter werdenden Action-Spielen können die Sims jedoch einen geruhsamen, dabei aber nicht weniger interessanten Kontrapunkt setzen und locken immer wieder vor den Schirm, um vielleicht doch noch die nächste Beförderung und damit das nächste gemütlichere Sofa zu erringen.
WindowsJust Games Retro (Jul 01, 2014)
All in all, especially considering the sheer scope of what the designers were trying to emulate, The Sims is a pretty solid game and a very unique experience (well, aside from the fact you’re basically living it as we speak). It’s decidedly less wacky and more grounded in reality than it was advertised to be, although the potential is there to have some crazy situations. It does suffer from the same problems as any sandbox game, i.e., without concrete goals or new content, it gets repetitive after a while, and probably quicker than a game like Rollercoaster Tycoon because, well, it’s simulating day-to-day life. That being said, it’s still a fun ride while it lasts, and the designers definitely deserve credit for their amazing attention to detail (I spent a hefty block of time just reading the little descriptions for the different items) and for making a life simulator that’s this functional.
PlayStation (UK) (Jan 30, 2003)
For us, The Sims is a pleasant change from the monotony of running, jumping and shooting at increasingly ugly aggressors, questing to retrieve some arbitrary item from the something of somewhere and getting excited about Nazi-esque criminal activities in gothic palaces. We get a lot more of that than we do The Sims, and in our view, to holiday in someone else's lifestyle for a bit is a thrill worth pursuing.
XboxX-Power (Jun 17, 2003)
The Sims is een vlot en zeer gedetailleerd spel dat je niet snel aan de kant zal schuiven. Het is de verdienste van de ontwerpers dat zij de talloze spelopties en de uitmuntende gameplay in een vloeiend en uiterst amusant geheel hebben gegoten. Maar wees gewaarschuwd: wie eenmaal aan deze game begint, zou daar best wel eens voor geruime tijd verslingerd aan kunnen raken ( zoals ondergetekende ). Get a life? Jazeker, maar wel met The Sims!
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Feb, 2000)
The Sims ist kein Spiel für jeden - vor allem nicht, wenn Sie schon im richtigen Leben Aufräumen und Ordnung hassen. Wer allerdings mal eine wirklich ungewöhnliche Spielidee mit gelegentlichen Leerlaufphasen nicht scheut, liegt hier goldrichtig.
80 (Apr 17, 2003)
Disons-le sans détour, l'adaptation des Sims sur Xbox est une réussite. Bien sûr, à la base il faut être réceptif à ce type de soft, mais une fois le pas franchi on se passionne pour ces personnages qu'on dirait presque vivants. Mieux vaut quand même essayer avant d'acheter.
PlayStation (Jan 28, 2003)
Disons-le sans détour, l'adaptation des Sims sur PS2 est une réussite. Bien sûr, à la base il faut être réceptif à ce type de soft, mais une fois le pas franchi on se passionne pour ces personnages qu'on dirait presque vivants. Mieux vaut quand même essayer avant d'acheter.
PlayStation 2Gameplanet (Feb 12, 2003)
The Sims is a politically correct game aimed at a more mature audience. You can form same-sex relationships, and heterosexual couples can fall in love, kiss, hug, and have a baby if they wish. While these sexual themes mean for a more adult game, there is absolutely nothing gratuitous, and it does teach responsibility and accountability in a very entertaining way.
PlayStation (Feb 22, 2003)
The Sims is a welcome addition to a racing and action heavy console. The game has some nice additions to the PC original and while it won't win any technical awards it is a very engrossing title and worth a look.
PlayStation 2GameDaily (Dec 31, 2003)
Overall, the game is a near perfect port of the PC version, but it still lacks in several areas. Players who were frustrated with the learning curve of the original will find the new "Get a Life" mode extremely helpful. However, with the recent release of the online Sims for the PC, the PlayStation 2 port seems to fall short of greatness. Especially when you add in the slowdown issues and repetitive gameplay. Maxis did a good job of introducing the franchise to console gamers, but we really shouldn't have to wait another year for an online Sims game.
MacintoshMac Ledge (Aug 18, 2000)
While not as explosive as a first-person shooter, The Sims has caused quite a hubbub in gaming circles. It captures the essence of a mundane subject, "domestic living", and turns it into an enjoyable domestic adventure. It thoroughly captured my attention and is known to be addictive. The flexible character creator and architectural tool extend the game's long-term playability. But for long-term enjoyment, The Sims will have to grow with us. For as we become familiar and comfortable with The Sims' world, we will definitely want more: more realistic courting, more depth and realism in relationships, more ability to get the Sims out of their houses, and more ability to interact with their world.
GameCubeBoomtown (Apr 27, 2003)
This is probably the most technically competent version of The Sims that I've seen. Graphically, it's very similar to the PS2 version, but seems to run slightly faster and smoother. Being in full 3D rather than the PC's forced isometric perspective, the player has a lot more freedom with the camera, being able to zoom in and out, as well as rotating around any point. This makes mucking around with the furniture, decorating the walls, and just playing the game much more natural.
80 (Apr 11, 2003)
Disons-le sans détour, l'adaptation des Sims sur GameCube est une réussite. Bien sûr, à la base il faut être réceptif à ce type de soft, mais une fois le pas franchi on se passionne pour ces personnages qu'on dirait presque vivants. Mieux vaut quand même essayer avant d'acheter.
80 (Oct, 2002)
Au global, Le successeur de Simcity apparaît comme une véritable réussite. The Sims créent un nouveau genre... On aime ou on aime pas, mais il se révèle attachant, intuitif, amusant, et passionnant. The Sims est un jeu comme on n'en a jamais fait. longue vie aux Sims !
PlayStation 2Factornews (Feb 17, 2003)
Si le jeu s’adresse avant tout au grand public, The Sims sur consoles propose un challenge beaucoup plus ludique que la version PC, grâce à son système de missions et de progression dans le jeu. On a du coup beaucoup moins l’impression de toujours faire la même chose. Comme disent les joueurs et joueuses invétérés : "Pour ceux qui aiment, il est génial". Soit.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Aug 30, 2000)
Close the voting booths and break out the champagne, because it's here. The single scariest game of the year has hit the shelves, and it doesn't have "blood," "dark" or "tournament" in the title. It's The Sims. What makes this game so frightening? There are no guns or weapons in it. No bio-zombies or deathtraps. Flood and fires are accidental, and death, while possible, is uncommon. No, The Sims--just released for the Mac by Aspyr--will shake you to your very soul because you will have the power to become Aaron Spelling.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Jan 23, 2003)
Though not quite basic fare, The Sims, a PlayStation2 release from Maxis and Electronic Arts, takes the core game back to the beginning, and introduces the phenomenal simulation to a new platform and likely a new fan base.
PlayStation 2IGN (Jan 14, 2003)
When you're all done blasting the crap out of gang members or pummeling flying dead things or steathily bagging spies or taking out punk-ass mafia, you may very well want to give The Sims a try. It’s a refreshing and enjoyable game that can be played for hours on end, for a simple little jaunt, or with the most naïve and virgin user in the world.
80 (Mar 28, 2000)
Les Sims est un jeu de gestion qui consiste à s'occuper d'une famille : il faut leur trouver un emploi, des loisirs ; en gros, tout faire pour qu'ils aillent bien et qu'ils gagnent de l'argent. Quiconque connaît Les Sims de nom serait vite tenté de penser que ce jeu doit être exceptionnel au vu de ses 20 millions de ventes (ce qui en fait le jeu le plus vendu du monde) ! Il n’aurait pas tout à fait tord, mais l’on pourrait lui reprocher d’avoir une vision trop réductrice...
PlayStation 2NZGamer (May 02, 2004)
Overall, The Sims for the Playstation 2 is a fairly solid game with very few faults. Players will pick up this game time after time to play what gamers enjoy best, good quality entertainment. If the PC version is anything to go by, look out for the next instalment of the series onto the consoles. However, if you enjoyed and have the PC version the PS2 version may not be worth your while.
GameCubeGameSpy (Apr 13, 2003)
While the gameplay is based on the same principles, The Sims is much more accessible as an overall product than Nintendo's pastel-hued Animal Crossing. While it's still not for everyone, The Sims should be a welcome diversion for anyone that bypassed Animal Crossing's stylings but thought the gameplay itself sounded interesting.
GameCubeGameSpot (Mar 24, 2003)
The GameCube version of The Sims does a great job of revisiting the original premise and gameplay of one of the most successful games ever. It also has several new features that add a good amount of extra play value to an already replayable game, as well as a robust 3D engine that may look somewhat plain but works well. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, The Sims is otherwise extremely faithful to the gameplay of the original game, shortcomings and all, and it's more or less identical to the PlayStation 2 game, so if you've played that version, you won't find anything new in the GameCube game. The Sims is certainly still an unusual game, but at this point in time, it's difficult for the GameCube game to have the same sort of impact as the original PC game did three years ago, especially since many new games have been released for both the PC and the GameCube in the meantime.
XboxGameSpot (Mar 24, 2003)
The Sims is certainly still an unusual game, but at this point in time, it's difficult for the Xbox game to have the same sort of impact as the original PC game did three years ago, especially many new games have since been released for both the PC and the Xbox in the meantime. That said, the Xbox version's new additions and enhancements, along with its faithful reproduction of The Sims' gameplay, make for a game that is as solid as The Sims has ever been. So if you've never had a chance to try The Sims but the idea intrigues you, you should give it a try. And if you're already a fan of The Sims, you may wish to try out the Xbox game for the "get a life" mode and the cooperative multiplayer--but don't be surprised to find yourself in an otherwise familiar neighborhood.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Jan 14, 2003)
By now, The Sims doesn't need much of an introduction, especially considering the fact that since its original release in 2000 for the PC, it has reportedly become the best-selling computer game in history. Maxis' innovative game about controlling the lives of little computer people took everyone by surprise because it was so very different from everything else at the time. The open-ended game let players create entire families of people, or "sims," and take control of their lives or simply sit back and watch them interact with each other. Now The Sims has made the jump from computers to the PlayStation 2, complete with a new 3D engine and new single-player and multiplayer modes.
PlayStation (Feb 17, 2003)
EA on kuitenkin kaikessa inhassa jättikorporaatiohengessäänkin firma, jonka laadunvalvonta toimii. The Sims PS2 on sekin jälleen kerran hyvin viimeistelty, kunnolla pelitestattu ja valmiin oloinen tuote. Totuus vain on, että lupaavuudestaan huolimatta The Sims ei kuitenkaan ihan toimi konsolipelinä. Se on nukkekotifanin näpräilypeli, joka elää harrastajien lisäyksistä ja päivityksistä. Pelimekaniikka on ansiokasta, mutta kuitenkin vielä niin kaukana todellisuudesta ettei tästä mitään keinoelämää vielä saa aikaiseksi. Nuoremmalle polvelle, jolle koko idea on uusi eikä taitoa riitä koti-PC:n virittelyyn voi tämä olla ihan omiaan, mutta ottaen huomioon miten vaatimattomalla laitteistolla The Sims on mahdollista saada toimimaan ja kuinka hyviä pakettitarjouksia siitä on mahdollista saada, harkitsisin silloinkin kahdesti.
XboxWorth Playing (Apr 07, 2003)
Overall, The Sims is a solid game - but it isn't for everyone. If you are a fan of the PC title, you won't find much new in terms of gameplay - but you might enjoy it for it's 'Get a Life' mode. Folks who've never played the game (all five of you!) should give it a rent before picking it up. There's a good chance you'll fall in love with the free gameplay, but there's also a good chance you'll become tired of it all before you even take the disc back. Yes, the game has some problems, but it can provide hours upon hours of entertainment if you find yourself liking it. Check it out if you're interested.
GameCubeGaming Nexus (Jun 06, 2003)
Overall I must say that The Sims is a good game, just not something I am in to which is funny considering how much time I spent playing Animal Crossing. The ideas and concepts presented in this game are novel and noteworthy, it has to be considering how many different iterations there are on the PC. If micro-management is your idea of a good time or you’re just looking to kill some time then be sure to give this game a look, a rental is a good start but a purchase of the game is required to go deeper and get the most out of the game.
XboxGameZone (Apr 04, 2003)
The Sims is a solid title with a lot to do. If you find yourself liking the game, you'll be hooked for weeks. It isn't for everyone, though, so those looking for action and excitement are better off looking elsewhere. Give it a rent if you're unsure.
WindowsEdge (Feb 22, 2000)
It is undoubtedly one of the freshest experiences available on any platform. It’s fun to play and it’s instructive. Other developers should get out their notepads, too, for Maxis has unearthed a host of design gems in this, its most essential release since the original Sim City.
En bra konvertering av The Sims. Kontrollen fungerar bra, de nya uppdragen är roliga och det finns massor att leka med. Men visst är det en smula trist i botten.
GameCubeGamekult (Apr 16, 2003)
Au final, Les Sims sur NGC est assez réussi dans l'ensemble, malgré ses nombreuses limitations. Le mode normal, identique à la version PC, en partage les défauts et, passé les premiers émerveillements, on se lasse assez vite de devoir dire à notre Sim d'aller aux toilettes cinq fois par jour. L'expérience est amusante malgré tout et elle est bien complétée par le mode Vivre sa Vie, qui apporte ce qui manquait jusque-là à la série : des objectifs. Ceux-ci apportent un peu de fraîcheur à l'ensemble et ils permettent de débloquer tout un tas de trucs, dont l'anecdotique mode multijoueurs. Dommage que le rythme soit si lent.
XboxGamekult (Apr 16, 2003)
Au final, Les Sims sur Xbox est assez réussi dans l'ensemble, malgré ses nombreuses limitations. Le mode normal, identique à la version PC, en partage les défauts et, passé les premiers émerveillements, on se lasse assez vite de devoir dire à notre Sim d'aller aux toilettes cinq fois par jour. L'expérience est amusante malgré tout et elle est bien complétée par le mode Vivre sa Vie, qui apporte ce qui manquait jusque-là à la série : des objectifs. Ceux-ci apportent un peu de fraîcheur à l'ensemble et ils permettent de débloquer tout un tas de trucs, dont l'anecdotique mode multijoueurs. Dommage que le rythme soit si lent.
PlayStation 2Gamekult (Jan 30, 2003)
Au final, Les Sims sur PS2 est assez réussi dans l'ensemble, malgré ses nombreuses limitations. Le mode normal, identique à la version PC, en partage les défauts et, passé les premiers émerveillements, on se lasse assez vite de devoir dire à notre Sim d'aller aux toilettes cinq fois par jour. L'expérience est amusante malgré tout et elle est bien complétée par le mode Vivre sa Vie, qui apporte ce qui manquait jusque-là à la série : des objectifs. Ceux-ci apportent un peu de fraîcheur à l'ensemble et ils permettent de débloquer tout un tas de trucs, dont l'anecdotique mode multijoueurs. Dommage que le rythme soit si lent.
XboxBoomtown (Apr 23, 2003)
If I could score this game twice, each score giving a different players point of view, I would, But I can't! I only suggest that you please read what I've said and don't take the values in the databox too harshly. If you loved it on PC, you'll love it on Xbox.
PlayStation 2Boomtown (Feb 25, 2003)
Don’t expect the PS2 game to have the same impact as the original PC entry in 2000, especially because new games varying on the theme have been released through the years. However, The Sims for PS2 is a solid, intriguing game, and for newcomers it will not disappoint with its original concept. And, for players who are already fans, the PS2 version offers new challenges with “Get a Life” and multiplayer modes, while delivering the standard classic game.
PlayStation 2Thunderbolt Games (Apr 06, 2003)
Fair play to all involved- porting The Sims to PS2 (where there is a wider audience) was a monumental task and it hasn't done badly at all. With such a reputation to live up to it's hard to imagine the console version ever re-creating the experience. Newcomers to The Sims wont notice a thing and should lap it up but there's no denying that this game should have been closer to its PC namesake.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Oct 02, 2000)
The Sims is an amazing title, but it is also an acquired taste. If your idea of good gaming fun is a quick deathmatch or an all-out armor assault in some RTS, then this game is unlikely to thrill you. But if you are the kind of person who made your own dollhouse out of shoeboxes or had one of those hamster cages with the tubes the little critters can run through, this may indeed be the best game you've ever played.
XboxThunderbolt Games (May 08, 2003)
In the end, EA did a lazy assed job porting this from the PS2. With no real upgrades at all, it just goes to show that Microsoft is willing to bend their "rules" of ports just for big consoles (developers are supposed to include some sort of original content exclusively for the Xbox version if they port it). The game could have, should have, and would have been good if they had just cared more, but since they didn't, they can bite me.
XboxGameSpy (Apr 13, 2003)
With its slow pace and lacking campaign, The Sims certainly isn't for everyone. However, there's still a lot of fun to be had here. Those that haven't played the PC original and want to see what all the fuss is about couldn't find a better version to play with than the Xbox version.
PlayStation 2Games TM (Jan, 2003)
Fair play to all involved - porting The Sims to the PS2 was a monumental task and, for what it's worth, it hasn't been done badly at all. With such a reputation to live up to, it's hard to imagine the console version ever truly re-creating the experience. Newcomers to The Sims probably won't even notice half the things we've picked up on, but there's no denying that this game should have been closer to its PC namesake.
WindowsHonestGamers (Apr 28, 2005)
Why do we do these things to our sims, you ask? Because we’re bored. Underneath the slick interface, beneath the elevator music and the gibberish we’re to take as conversation, The Sims is just a waste of time. It may amuse you for hours, days or even weeks. For those hours and for the sadistic relationship you can share with your unfortunate sim, the package is arguably worth a purchase. But in the end, you’ll grow to despise it. Somewhere out there, I’m sure someone has dropped the disc in a pool and thrown away the railing.
PlayStation 2The Video Game Critic (Nov 09, 2004)
The 3D graphics serve their purpose well and the adjustable camera works fine. In addition, the sound effects are clear and really help convey what's going on. Non-gamers like my wife are likely to find the clunky user interface confusing, but most players won't have much trouble. I guess I'm not the "target audience" for this game, but I opted to wall my Sims in their rooms and watch them die. Unfortunately, the process took much longer than I had anticipated, making it all the more agonizing for me! Strategic-minded gamers with a lot of time on their hands may appreciate The Sims, but if you're an action-oriented gamer, avoid this experiment in social engineering at all costs. And please, don't believe the hype.
PlayStation 2Game Chronicles (Feb 06, 2003)
Possibly, this all seems like I’m being unfairly harsh to this PS2 port of the Sims. I’ve seen nothing but good press for it elsewhere, and the core philosophy is still there, but I’m judging everything on this; I played this game for quite a sufficient amount of time. In my three-day rental, I’d guess that I clocked about 20 hours worth of playtime, trying to explore everything this new version had to offer. And not a minute of this time was spent having fun. I didn’t take any enjoyment in watching my Sims live their lives. I didn’t have any interest in them at all. I was simply looking – looking for some feature of this game that I would get the slightest amount of joy out of, and did not find it. Not only do I want my four dollar rental fee back, but those 20 hours as well.