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Ski or Die Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Choose competition
Snowball blast
The kids are closing in
Sign in sheet.
Downhill Blitz - Starting out.
Downhill Blitz - Skiing down the course.
Downhill Blitz - Jumping through the air.
Downhill Blitz - Near a cabin.
Downhill Blitz - Finish Line.
Snowboard Half-Pipe - Starting out.
Snowboard Half-Pipe - Airborne.
Snowboard Half-Pipe - Bite the snow!
Innertube Thrash - Starting out.
Innertube Thrash - Over a bridge.
Acro Aerials - Getting ready to jump.
Acro Aerials - Airborne!
Acro Aerials - The results of the judges.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Rodney's ski shop
Enter your name!
Choose a single competition or compete all.
Snowball Blast
Acro Aerials
Move the joystick left and right to jump higher.
Not bad...
Snowboard Halfpipe
Doing some tricks on the edge.
You dont't get any points for this sort of tricks.
Downhill Blitz
Get ready for Innertube Thrash.
Looks like I'm going to win.

DOS version

Title Screen
At Rodney's
Compo selection
Acro Aerials
Downhill Blitz
Doing some crazy tricks
The judges rate your performance. I've done pretty well here
Innertube Thrash
Snowboard Halfpipe
Downhill Blitz: Perform stunts in the moguls section
Crashing through the roof ;->
That pump power-up will restore your tire pressure, but you'll have to stay on the track
Lester has an opinion about everything you do

NES version

Title screen (EU)
Title Screen
Welcome to Rodney's ski shop
Sign in
Choose single competition or compete all
Snowball Blast
Downhill Blitz
Acro Aerials
Next time, try not to land on your face...
Innertube Thrash
Skiing to Snowboard Halfpipe
Performing tricks on the edge of the Halfpipe
Shut up, Lester!
Skiing to Acro Aerials. Such a nice "ozone layer"...
Skiing to Snowball Blast. In yo' face!
Poor High Scores