Sky Shark Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Mode Selection
High scores
And on to the runway
Flying enemies

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen
Fighting enemy planes in the jungle
A squadron of planes and tanks attack...
Enemy tanks are hiding in these buildings
An end of level boss
Level complete
Tanks attacking!
Battle at sea
A heavily guarded aircraft carrier
Beginning the third level
Under attack from air and sea
Great, more battleships!

Arcade version

Sky Shark, US version title screen
Hi sho zame, Japanese version title screen
Title Screen.
Taking Off.
Shoot the enemy.
Tanks to contend with.
A power-up.
Armed bunkers
End of level 1 boss
Landing after a successful sortie
And on to level 2
Level 2 over sea

Atari ST version

Credits screen.
The beginning of level 1.
Avoiding a shot from hiding tank.
Bomb pickup.
Collect the power up.
Power up gives you better firepower.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (European version)
Credits (European version)
Exiting the hangar (European version)
Flying fiends (European version)
Extra shot (European version)
To no avail (European version)
Title Screen
High score screen
Taking off from the hangar
Being shot at by tanks
Bomb pickup

DOS version

Taito fun time arcade logo - EGA
title screen - EGA
game settings - EGA
beginning level 1 - EGA
Standard comment about similarity to 1942
bombing enemy planes - EGA
under attack - EGA
Enemy base in jungle
Turrets in jungle
Taito fun time arcade logo - CGA
title screen - CGA
beginning level 1 - CGA
bombing tanks - CGA
4 color version is difficult to play - CGA
It's possible to switch CGA palettes, here is an example
Title screen (Hercules)
Level 1 (Hercules)

FM Towns version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Leaving the hangar
Killed by treacherous tanks
Outdoor battle
Battle in a base
Flying over water
Settings menu, there are 6 difficulty levels (from super easy to very hard) and several auto shot levels
Extra life (1up)
Stage ends at a runway where the amount of bombs you had multiply 3,000 points to the score
B icon is the Bomb, in this game they have a delayed time before going off and do not wipe the whole screen
There is some slowdown here in this version

NES version

Title screen
The game begins
Incoming aircraft!
Well armored canons
Bombing tanks
Fight in the sky
Welcome in the jungle

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Main menu
Start of the game, about to take off
Picking up the S icon gives a shot power-up
First boss
Stage 2
A pair of gigantic tanks
Stage 3
Out in the sea
Stage 4
End of stage score
Stage 5, the B icon is the Bomb, unlike many other shmups, bombs don't wipe the whole screen here

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Taking off to begin your mission
Attacking planes!
A large tank
Ouch, I've been hit!
Collect the "S" to power up your plane
Aircraft carrier.
Landing at airport in end of stages.