Sky Sports Football Quiz Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

After the usual company logos have been displayed the game runs a dramatic animated sequence with lots of fire. Burning pitches and nets, flaming balls and fiery flags
These are the game configuration options
The game's main menu
The start of a game. After selecting the number of players and entering names the type of game must be chosen
This is the Dream Team game where players answer questions on specific subjects to earn cash to buy a player
A typical question. In the Dream team game the more questions the player gets right the more cash they have to spend on buying a player
In the Dream team game questions are linked to a position on the pitch. When that round of questions is complete the player spends their cash on buying a footballer
At the end of the Dream team game there's a summary of the player's winnings
At the end of a Dream team game the player will end up with a selection of players they have bought and a rating
The start of a League game. In the beginning the player chooses a team to represent them
The League game is played just like a football league, every team plays every week. Here the player is Chelsea and the game is Newcastle United
In a league event there is a round of questions, half time, and a final round of questions. When the game is complete the results of all the games are presented followed by the league table

Windows version

The Dream Team Game Type Category Screen
Game Type Selection Screen
Game Logo at the end of the intro
A screenshot from the one of the Win Movies
This screen is used to install the game. After the installation is complete the greyed out 'Play' button becomes active allowing the player to start the game
The introductory video features a thumping techno track, lots of photos flashing on the screen interspersed with flaming nets and flaming balls
The main menu
There's not much to the game configuration options
Starting a 'Dream team' game. Only eight characters allowed as a player id
A 'Dream team' game. Each player position corresponds to a question category
A sample question. Note the red card above the player's name, that's there because the previous question was answered incorrectly so the player's barred from answering this one
The end of a 'Dream Team' game. After answering the questions in each category the player uses the cash they earned to buy a player.
The High Score table for a Dream team game. This is the only entry and the game calls it 'Bottom of the League' which seems a bit harsh