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Skyworker Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

A game by the government...
Title screen
Information about applying for apprenticeships.
The game's story is told.
Your apartment with a bed, a computer, a cabinet, a toilet and of course a teleporter.
Withing three months you have to find an apprenticeship.
Your computer offers current news, advertisements for locations in the city and most important job ads.
Description of one of the temporary jobs.
An other job. You have to arrange the figures.
But these kind of jobs are dangerous. You wake up in the hospital and lose two days.
Talking to the careers officer.
Just like in the real life, their conclusions are inappropriate.
In all locations you can talk to other people.
But take care. Some of them want to sell you drugs or stolen items. Buying means being send back to the surface by the police and game is over.
And now you even have a date (playing a woman, a man would appear here)
He wants to sell you stolen goods.
If you always wanted to buy soap or deodorant in a computer game, now is your chance.
In the training center you can improver some of your skills.
You have to choose a curriculum vitae.
Your choice is judged.
In a job interview.
An aptitude test. These kind of exercises are still used today.
What's the next number?
A declination...
But sooner or later everone is successful.