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SEGA 32XGamePro (US) (Jul, 1995)
Although the controls could use some improvement, Slam City is a great way to experience though street-hoops action. Make way, Jammit --- Scottie Pippen is here to stay.
Digital pictures specializes in full-motion video and has created a game starring Scottie Pippen himself. At first, the control lags as you must time your movements against your opponent, but eventually you get the hang of things. Clear video that matches the great sounds from the back bring you right into the action. Cool cinemas!
DOSScore (Oct, 1995)
První basketbal zpracovaný jako "interactive movie" s velmi kvalitní digitalizací. Na druhou stranu se nejedná o nic úžasného, stejně jako je hra na jeden koš.
SEGA CDGamePro (US) (Mar, 1995)
First-person video similar to that in Prize Fighter is the main attraction, but poor controls are a real distraction in this disappointing hoops game.
SEGA CDPlay Time (Mar, 1995)
Im Prinzip ein reines Reaktionsspiel, bei dem man im richtigen Augenblick eine bestimmte Aktion ausführen muß. Anfangs noch ziemlich witzig, auf Dauer wiederholen sich die Situationen aber, und das Abwehrverhalten ist zu undurchsichtig.
SEGA CDGame Players (Mar, 1995)
While the game's movie-like design and intriguing courtside characters make it entertaining to watch, Slam City doesn't effectively sell the feeling of interactivity between you and your video opponent. Demanding control requires button pushes within a precise window and detecting those openings on video is ofter quite difficult. This reduces the game from a fluid blacktop hoop sim to a rigid reflex test that's more fun to watch than it is to play.
I've played a couple of different versions of this game and is just too darn hard to score. The concept of the full-motion video with one of the NBA's finest players is a good one. But the game could have been put together so that it is easier to play. I can understand the need for a game not to be easy. I'm going to reject this one at the buzzer. Too hard!
Despite it's interesting subject, Slam City is still just another failed attempt at true full-motion video interactivity. Scottie deserves better - and come to think of it, so do I. An FMV football game, on the other there's an idea...
SEGA CDMega Fun (Feb, 1995)
Ich kann mir jedenfalls nicht vorstellen, inwiefern die durchaus recht hohen Entwicklungskosten in irgendeiner Art und Weise wieder reingeholt werden. Basketballfans mag das Spiel anfangs vielleicht noch halbwegs ansprechen, aber auf Dauer wird das Ganze doch ziemlich öde, da Eure Möglichkeiten im eigentlichen Spiel ziemlich begrenzt sind (vornehm ausgedrückt). Immerhin hat Slam City noch mehr zu bieten als das unwürdige Kids On Site, was aber auch keine Kunst ist. Sportspielfreaks halten sich lieber an NBA Live 95 oder NBA Jam Tournament Edition, Slam City hat mit „richtigem“ Basketball jedenfalls herzlich wenig zu tun.
DOSPC Gamer (May, 1995)
The full-motion video is high quality stuff. Little interaction; lame acting; stereotypes straight out of "Sanford and Son." It's just plain bad; even if you've got the hardware for the Pentium version, you'll want to stay out of Slam City.
DOSPC Joker (Jun, 1995)
Fazit: Zwar fehlen weder Statistiken, Speichermöglichkeit noch Highscores, dafür nahezu alles, was an einem solchen Spiel dauerhaft motiviert. Wahre Basketball-Fans sollten Slam City also besser einen Korb geben. anstatt hier welche holen zu wollen!
DOSPC Player (Germany) (May, 1995)
Traditionelle Sportspieler winken nach fünf Minuten dankend ab - das Ding ist zu anspruchslos.
Actually, Slam City is a little tolerable compared to stuff like Corpse Killer. The sports FMV games from Digital Pictures tend to be the best (Prize Fighter, Quarterback Attack). That does not however, mean they are good games. This one commits a few flagrant fouls, the most notable being the inability to skip past the cinemas. You'll need to watch the same tired actors go through their routine countless times, and you have no choice but to sit through it (or just not play it all).
SEGA 32XThe Video Game Critic (Jul 02, 2003)
The CPU is tough and exceedingly cheap. There's plenty of trash talking throughout the game, but most of it is really dumb. The graphics are terrific, with good definition and no lag time. Watching the same video clips over and over does wear thin after a while though, and although you're supposed to playing on a city basketball court, it's clearly just an indoor sound stage. Likewise the "streetwise" players look more like a bunch of perpetrators, and the white actors look terribly out of place. I have to admit that the shorthaired blonde with the tight white dress is incredibly hot though. The action is spread over four CDs, which seems like a good thing at first, but changing disks is a real pain in the ass. I will admit that Slam City did keep me occupied for a little while, but the game should probably be called Scotty Pippen's Airball.
SEGA 32XRetro Game Reviews (Mar 31, 2018)
Slam City with Scottie Pippen is an ill-advised FMV sports title that takes the exciting world of basketball and reduces it to a laughing stock. The list of problems is never-ending (especially the shoddy core gameplay and unresponsive controls) and you're much better off playing NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (1995, Sega 32X) instead.
SEGA CDRetro Game Reviews (Apr 01, 2018)
Slam City with Scottie Pippen highlights the limitations of the FMV genre, as it reduces the exciting world of basketball to a laughing stock due to its poor controls and almost non-existent gameplay. In reality, it has little depth and favours a bunch of cheesy video clips over giving the player any meaningful control over the action.
SEGA 32XHonestGamers (Aug 09, 2015)
Slam City (featuring Scottie “the guy who had severe words to share with his agent about the quality of products he’s willing to slap his name on after this game was released” Pippen) can be learnt. You can battle against the humdrum repeatedness in order to soak up exactly no rewards of worth while even the few commendable features lose more and more worth by the soul-wrenching second. You can learn to own the court and eventually earn your solo game against Scottie Pippen, just as he promised. The real question is why the hell would you?
SEGA 32XVideo Games (Jun, 1995)
Obwohl gegenüber der Mega-CD-Variante die Grafik erheblich verbessert wurde, bleibt einem immer noch die Frage, was denn die Entwickler mit Slam City bezwecken wollten. Eine Basketball-Simulation, einen Digital- Film oder gar ein Videospiel? Letzteres auf keinen Fall, denn dafür ist das Spielsystem viel zu unausgereift und aufgrund der wirren Perspektive unübersichtlich. Das wichtigste bei einem Videospiel, nämlich die Eingriffsmöglichkeiten, sind zu beschränkt. Die zufallsgesteuerten Korbwürfe, die Rebounds... alles scheint der Computer willkürlich aus seinen Lötpunkten zu saugen. Wenn sogar ein Vollprofi wie Scotty Pippen sich für diesen interaktiven Fehlwurf hergibt, kann ich nur sagen: “Bulls“-Shit!
SEGA (Nov 19, 2012)
Slam City is a poor excuse for a game and a typical example of when “realism” of video doesn’t hold a candle to real gameplay, a licensed celebrity is slapped on as a quick cash-in and the quantity of the media is light years ahead of the quality. It has got the right style for the concept and the acting may give you a few smiles, but this doesn’t bring the game up from being nearly unplayable nor make it worth buying.
SEGA CDGamers (Germany) (Mar, 1995)
In ruckelnder nicht-hochauflösender Video-Grafik präsentiert sich "Slam City with Scottie Pippen", das insgesamt so mitreißend ist wie Staubsaugen. Englische Sprachsamples und dumpfe Rap-Mucke untermalen den Spielspaß, der leider nicht mit der Masse an CDs mithalten kann ... um es nett zu sagen.
DOSHigh Score (Jan, 1996)
Det här är ett basketspel i mycket ovanlig tappning. Hela spelet består nämligen av videofilmade street basket-sekvenser.
SEGA CDVideo Games (Mar, 1995)
Es ist bezeichnend für die Diskrepanz zwischen dem Wunschdenken der Spielemacher, ein gutes Spiel produziert zu haben, und der traurigen Realität auf den vier CDs, daß weder auf der Verpackung noch in der Anleitung auch nur ein einziger echter Screenshot verwendet wurde. Was der kümmerliche Grafikchip des Mega Drive im eigentlichen Spiel nämlich zustandebringt, ist unter aller Sau. Am meisten gestört hat mich aber die seltsame Steuerung. Ace-Babe macht mehr, was er will, denn was Ihr wollt. Wenn z.B. der Ball vom Korb abprallt, ist generell der Gegenspieler schneller am Rebound. Basketballfans sollten einen großen Bogen um dieses klägliche “Spiel“ machen, da sie maßlos enttäuscht sein werden von den kümmerlichen Eingriffsmöglichkeiten in den “Film“.