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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Plastic Case - MSX (UK):


    Slap shot is a fast action, one or two player ice hockey game. The rules are the same as in any ice hockey game. There are 3 three minute periods in the game. To score you must take and maintain possession of the puck, skate down ice to your opponent's goal and shoot the puck into the net. Your opponent will attempt to steal the puck from your player in the following ways by out-skating you, manoeuvring across your path, intercepting a pass or by "checking" the player. The puck can be passed from player to player in a number of directions and at varying speeds, It is also possible to control the strength of a bodycheck on your opponent: however, you will be penalized for unnecessary roughness if you check too aggressively.

    Ice Hockey is an international sport recognised as one of the roughest and most demanding of team sports. But more than brute strength is needed to excel at this game. Strategy, skill and quick reflexes combine to create winning plays. You too can enjoy the challenge and excitement of ice hockey with this realistic program that puts you "on the ice"

    Controls: Joystick or Keyboard.

    Contributed by jean-louis (53310) on Jan 01, 2021.