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Slots of Trivia is a single-player, shareware, slot machine game.

In this game the player bets virtual credits on a virtual slot machine. For each spin a percentage of the stake is added to a bonus pool the current value of which is shown in the upper left of the machine. Whenever the player gets a winning line they are asked a trivia question from one of six categories. Each time they answer a question correctly the category is highlighted in the Bonus Pool area in the mid right of the machine, answering incorrectly will not turn off an existing highlight. Once all six categories are lit the player wins the Bonus Pool

The gamer has many configuration options that can be accessed via the menu bar, these include an option to disable the trivia questions.

Contributed by piltdown_man (171948) on Feb 15, 2014. [revised by : formercontrib (159003) and piltdown_man (171948)].