Smash Bandits Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Loading screen
Title screen
A sports car in an opening scene
There are characters such as The Fixer who provide hints.
Sliding through a corner.
You can also smash objects with red arrows, but these will damage the car.
Breaking through a police roadblock.
Session results
Equip boosters before starting a session.
The in-game store
The police sets up another roadblock.
B.A. wants to talk.
Driving the A-Team van.
Progress for the A-Team objectives
Browsing the different cars.
I stole a cop car and am now wreaking havoc.
Level up
A first gadget has been unlocked, but you still need to buy it.
In-app purchases for bandit chips
You can pay to skip objectives.
Driving on a small road.
The outskirts of a town
I have a high wanted levels and these are some of the options.