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Smash T.V. Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Contestant entering the arena
Those green men are after me
Map one
Watch out for the guys in the red suit. They'll soon explode
More enemies, huh? Tanks a lot!
Say hello to Mutoid Man
"I am the champion"
Deadly orbs
Map two
The hosts and models torment you throughout the game
Oh, boy. Presents!
Buffalo herd
Say hello to Scarface
Second incarnation of Scarface
Watch out for the blue snakes
Map three
Oh, boy. Keys!
More Buffalos
"SSSSSSay goodbye, sssssswine"
Now you have to fight the host of the show
Name Entry

Amstrad CPC version

Map One
Watch out for the buffalos
I hate snakes
Tanks Galore!
Say hello to Mutoid Man
Oh boy, goodies
Map Two
Men with clubs are coming to beat the shit out of you
Dynamite Cobra Bosses
Say hello to Scarface
Scarface's resurrection

Arcade version

Title screen
Scrolling backstory
Introductory animation. The first contestant enters the arena.
fight starts
A map appears after completing the first room in each arena
Time for advertising
Shrapnel fat guy
Room with bonuses
Purple guys
The battle with the Mutoid Man gets quite violent at times
First arena completed. Look at all those new shiny toasters!
Flying robots
Humanoids in flying cans
Eat my rocket
Each room begins with a short message
Cornered by... uh... UFOs and fatsos with exposed brains?
Boss fight against "Scarface"
High score table

Atari ST version

Ocean presents
An Acclaim game
Smash TV!
The story
High score
Title screen
Here is our host
Arena 1
Please don't hurt me!
I'm cornered
Who's going to clean this mess up?
Time to leave
You can trust me, I will collect those powerups
In case you wonder, that's my eye flying above the playfield
I never knew a human could contain so much blood
It's a delicious shrapnel, I must eat it
Someone planted a mine amidst all the gold
Knee-high in carnage
Going home after a hard day's work
Total Carnage? Isn't that the follow-up?
Use your aura to clear the field
Crowd control
Wait, those aren't cameramen!?
Now they've brought in the heavy artillery
Clobbered by the crowd
The spiky drone will hunt me off to the next level
Tanks are always trouble
The rotating force field thing will protect me
Half man, half tank
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Those are not tears that he is crying
I didn't make the high score

Commodore 64 version

Smash TV
Contestant entering the arena
Those green men are after me
A protective ring surrounds you
Map One
Oh boy, presents!
Say hello to Mutoid Man
Mutoid Man with his head chopped off
Deadly Orbs
Map Two
Buffalo Herd
I've won a fantastic 2600" TV. Wow!
What's those green things?
I've won a luxurious vacation. Wow!
Say hello to Scarface
Scarface don't look so good anymore
More tanks
Map Three
Oh boy, keys!
Fight the host

Game Gear version

Contestant entering the arena
Those green men are after me
Map one
The host and models continue to torment you
Dead on the floor
A protective ring surrounds you
Just another arena
Say hello to Mutoid Man

Genesis version

Title screen
Getting beaten up to death by some green guys
Level is clear
Take THIS!
More and more bad green guys, more and more prizes
Wow, what a weapon!
A heated battle
New enemies appear
High scores

NES version

Contestant entering the arena
Those green men are after me
I just won a brand new VCR. Wow!
Map one
The host and models up close
Protected by a ring of shurikens
Say hello to Mutoid Man
Deadly orbs
Map two
Oh boy, goodies!
Watch out for the orange thingies
Map three
Those green men are still after me
The Buffalo
Say hello to the cobra
The host, sick of you winning, decides to terminate you himself

SEGA Master System version

Game Options
Contestant entering the arena
"Those Green Men are after me"
Map One
The host and the two models continue to torment you
Oh boy, presents!
Keep watching these guys...
...because they explode shrapnel style
Mutoid Man
Constestant gets shocked by Mutoid's lasers

SNES version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Entering the Arena
Arena 1
Cleared room with Minimap
"Good Luck! You'll Need It!"
Let the carnage commence!
Just a bit on the dead side
Spinning blades to kill the enemy
Lots of prizes
Here comes the first stage boss
Down to his ribs now
Destroyed him
Prize bonuses
Circuit 2 - Arena 1. Orbs!
Meet Scarface!
Circuit 3 - Arena 1. "No Dice" cleared. What's next?
Temple Alert.
Cobra Death!
M.C. Boss.
Eat my eyeballs!

Xbox 360 version

Title and main menu
Title screen
Blasting opponents...
Meet Mr. Shrapnel! Blast these guys before they explode...
Tank trouble! I could really use some more powerful weapons here...
Argh, I got blasted by laser vision...
Sweet, super vcr bonus!
The show's host occasionally makes an appearance
Lots of carnage...
There's plenty of opportunities to get zapped, ka-powed, ker-splatted, and so on...
Meet Scarface, and end of level boss

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
The main menu
Begin the game in the studio
The map of level one
Lots of men with clubs attack you!
Uh oh, tank trouble
That's good advice!
The bonus prize room
Mutoid man!
Alright, toaster bonus!
Partially protected by a shield
Blasting the deadly discs