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The Smurfs Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Language select
Short intro
Title screen / Main menu
Act 1 - The Village
Act 2 - The Forest

Genesis version

Title screen
Short intro
Title screen - French
Intro (French version)
Language select
Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?
Forest level
Nice password menu

SEGA CD version

Intro: What's in the present?
...nothing good
Intro: Gargamel has also captured Smurfette.
The game is multi-language.
Title screen
Level introductory screen
The village
Mind the flying parts of soil
Now in the forest
Be careful where you walk in the bridge level.

SNES version

Title screen / Main menu.
Title screen and copyright info
Select your language
Opening cinematic
Password screen uses pictures of some Smurfs.
Act 1: The village.
The starting location
I lost all my lives. Game over.
Star to collect
Avoid the flying Smurf
Watch the bag
Smurf's ploughing the fields