Snack Truck Fever Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
In-app purchases for the premium coins currency
Chef Antonio explains the game's basics.
Use the mitt to remove a single item on the board.
Drawing a line to create a match.
Explanation of how snacks are formed.
I made ice-cream! Tap and cause an explosion.
Level results: stars, points and cash
A new power-up has been unlocked.
Remaining moves turns into stars that shoot down the board and cause explosions.
Spend in-game cash to make the 'boss levels' a little easier.
Collecting coffee beans and donuts for the officer.
Clear away the ice to make more room and uncover the soda bottles.
The available booster and the level goal are shown before starting a game.
Here you need to bring the chocolate cookies down to the bottom of the board.
Level progress
I used the knife power-up to remove the blue items.
The remaining items are shown while drawing a line.
Game Over, but you can use coins to get more moves.
Only four lives left