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Platform Votes Score
Game Boy 7 2.8
NES 10 2.7
Combined User Score 17 2.8

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This is one of the better games for the NES system.
Game BoyMegablast (1993)
Weder die Zusammensetzung der Feindesschar noch das Leveldesign lassen diesmal an Abwechslung zu wünschen übrig, unfaire Stellen haben sich die Programmierer ebenfalls gespart. Präsentation und Steuerung sind zwar nicht überwältigend, aber annehmbar - kurzum, im zweiten Durchgang ist das Addamsche Gruselkabinett auf einmal richtig nett!
Making the rounds to most platforms, here comes the Game Boy version of Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt in the ongoing Addams Family saga! The control is a bit stiff, but overall the game is entertaining.
NESGamePro (US) (Nov, 1993)
Colorful graphics can't save Pugsley, who's done in by average sounds and monotonous game play.
While the freedom to explore is nice, the game itself becomes boring quickly and isn’t something many will return to once they’ve discovered the secrets and quickest ways to complete the objectives.
Game BoyTotal! (Germany) (Nov, 1993)
Ebenfalls alles andere als geistreich ist der Aufbau der Levels. Kaum Power Ups, verschwindend wenig Spielelemente und keine neuen Ideen. Vielleicht hätten sich die Ocean-Programmierer vor der Produktion von „Pugsley‘s Scavenger Hunt“ ein wenig vom guten Mario inspirieren lassen sollen. Als einziger Lichtblick bleibt die Anfangsmusik zu erwähnen, die das sanfte Gruselfeeling ziemlich gut rüber bringt. Das allein recht natürlich hinten und vorne nicht.
NESGame Freaks 365 (Dec 05, 2007)
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt is a perfect example of a company trying to take advantage of consumers and their children. What you have here is something that should be made illegal and as far as I know doesn't exist anymore because no one's stupid enough to buy anything this awful. Hacking is best left to hackers, enough said, they seem to be able to do it better and you at least expect them to suck and have a good laugh in the process. This game was simply a blatant attempt at making a little extra money by cramming another game into a format it wasn't made for. Shame, Ocean, shame on you. Not like they were making the best games around this time anyway, most of their titles pretty much blew by 1993, being generous to their legacy, of suck.
0 (Jan, 2011)
It takes the gameplay from the first Addams Family game – collect things, avoid enemies, find the family – and makes them worse. You play as Pugsley, who bears a strong resemblance to a demon-possessed Bobby Hill. At first, I thought the game was Ocean’s idea of what it means to be avant-garde on the NES; the controls are broken, the environments are bare, and there is literally no music. An analogy on the barrenness of one’s spiritual self? Amusing, but unlikely. A hastily thrown together piece-of-crap to capitalize on the successful rejuvenation of “The Addams Family”? Now we’re talkin’! Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt was released in 1993, a time when Sonic was king, Street Fighter II and its imitators roamed the earth, and the original NES had one foot and a torso in the grave. Ocean knew this game had no chance, so why bother putting any effort into its creation? Once I came to that conclusion, I ceased caring and turned it off.