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atari breakout
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The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt Credits

27 people (24 developers, 3 thanks)


Programmed ByJames Higgins
Background ArtistsWarren Lancashire, Jack Wikeley
Sprite ArtistJohn Palmer
Main Character AnimationSimon Butler
Music Programming ByJonathan Dunn
Music Composition ByJonathan Dunn
Music FX ByJonathan Dunn
Product Testing ByGareth Betts, Gregory Johnson, Timothy Welch, Kane Valentine, Lee Edmondson, Anthony Barlow, Jane Long, Julian Hicks
TypingLorraine Broxton
Editing ToolsMark Rogers, Pen
Assistant to the Assistant's AssistantPaul Owens
EPROM BlowingRob Arnold
Moral SupportAllan Shortt
RenderingStephen Wahid
Inspiration & ConversationBrian J. Flanagan
Puncation & SpellingMick West
Don. For Just Being There. LikewisePaul Street, Jennifer Gillespie
Annoyance Daily ByAndrew Cross
Project Managed ByGary Bracey

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8697)

atari breakout