Alien³ Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Intro 2
Intro ship
Main menu
Flame thrower
Bomb explosions
Hit by crawler
Mission Select
At computer
Ripley gives a mission briefing... to the player directly?
Dangerous vents connect the various levels of the complex.
Pressing Select activates a motion tracker.
Some missions call for Ripley to rescue captured prisoners.
Fighting through an Alien hive.
Some missions call for Ripley to seal doors. Once sealed, they can't be opened again.
Weapons rooms (marked on the computer blueprints) restock Ripley's ammo.
The digital counter displays Ripley's remaining rifle rounds.
Floating platforms must be carefully jumped to.
Some hand-over-hand rails get Ripley past dangers.
Some missions call for Ripley to repair damaged equipment.
Different colors show relative Alien strength
Some variety in the looks of the different levels.
Facehugged! Just ticks a bit off Ripley's life bar though.
Certain breeds of Aliens can spit acid for long range attacks.
The grenade launcher blows the bugs apart.
"Mother" Aliens act as stage bosses.
Game Over screen.