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Axelay Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
Weapon Select
Horizontally scrolling gameplay
Vertically scrolling gameplay
Game Over
Over a city
In a cavern
Larger ships, too
Japanese Title
Stage 1 - This midboss keeps turning invisible
Flying through narrow passages
The first boss
Stage 2 - Large moving platforms
Trying to destroy this thing with missiles
Shooting at the second boss from behind
Stage 3 - Flying over a desert and a large city
Maneuvering and shooting my way through these tubes
A midboss
Got hit
The third boss
The third Boss in his final form
Stage 4 - Lots of strange creatures. The blue creatures pull your ship down.
These bombs are very powerful
More odd enemies
The fourth boss - The purple beam slows down the ship and changes its weapons
Stage 5 - Dodging a giant worm
Dodging the flames
Using the "Morning Star" against these enemies
Two dragons attack
The fifth boss
The final stage - destroy the right parts of the ships to stop these enemies from spawning
Flying over a large battleship
This mech is indestructible
Another midboss
Getting closer to the last boss, things get a little more difficult
The last boss (first phase)
Corliss is doomed...