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Written by  :  JohnLennon224 (16)
Written on  :  Jun 18, 2008
Platform  :  SNES
Rating  :  4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars

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A Rip-off of Sonic, but a good Rip-off....?

The Good

Bubsy the character is sort of cool. Although Accolade was trying to mimic the success of Sonic The Hedgehog, they failed, but just almost succeeded. The game premise is simple, Bubsy must stop the Woolies, A group of aliens trying to take all the yarn from the earth. Silly plot, huh? Well, it gets kudos for being creative. The gameplay is, like I said, a rip-off of Sonic, but it's still a blast to play. The music is good, and the graphics aren't bad as well. The areas are gigantic, which is a blessing and a curse, and the game supplies you with, get this, NINE lives, so the game should be easy right?

The Bad


This game is very hard, so you should be thankful that you start with nine lives. One thing to note, Bubsy is VERY fragile, Fall from a high distance, get close to a egg, get sneezed on by a alien, get in water up to your ankles, etc. etc., you die.

It is so easy to perish, it starts to feel cheap really quick. I can't get through the game with Game Genie codes!

But other than those somewhat aggravating flaws, it still manages to be a great, simple platformer.

The Bottom Line

I have had this game through my entire life, and I still play it rather often. It's a charming little gem that is smacked too hard with negative press. I mean come on, it can't be as bad as Rise Of The Robots, Right? A great Time-Killer.

Graphics:8/10 Sound:8/10 Gameplay:8 and a half/10 Replay Value:7 and a half/10 Fun Factor:9/10

THE VERDICT IS: 4 OUT OF 5 YARNBALLS It's simple bliss, and it has stood the test of time rather well.