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Capcom's MVP Football SNES Title screen


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Capcom's MVP Football Credits

65 people (13 developers, 52 thanks)


Written ByBrett G. Durrett, Matt Schneider
Art ByWilfredo J. Aguilar, Jody Sather, James Weibmer
Designed ByWilfredo J. Aguilar, Christian Dana Perry, Brett G. Durrett, Sean B. Barger, Greg Marr
Project ManagementChristian Dana Perry, Jack Thorton
Project CoordinationCarla Green
Quality AssuranceChris Caracci
MusicEd Bogas, Gary Clayton
SoundEd Bogas, Gary Clayton
Special Thanks ToSarah Moraga, Vicki Monville, Shawn McFerrin, Jay Reilly, Dana Johnson, Erika Johnson, Brenden Maloof, Lindsay Wendt, Hideaki Kurisu, Aogu Ikeda, Len Fisher, Daniel Moraga, Eric Levitanus, Mark Headley, David Theurer, Frank Colin, Chuck Sommerville, Dan Ross, Dan Bradford, Leila Joslin, Ari Bronstein, Ian Bronstein, Daria Van Der Something, AMT, Marilyn Durrett, Steve Hales, Jim L. Nitchals, Stefan Butler, Liz Rood, Anton Berteaux, Stan Eisenstat, Mike Ross, Maureen Garrett, Nick Aguilar, John Preston, Emory Durrett, Tony Birrittier, Mike Delgado, Jeff Lamb, Lynette Lamb, Ted Diez, Thanhia Paul, Glenn Kuhlman, Newcomb Barger, Gene Barger, CPS, Marc Cuniberti, Andy Moraga, Eileen Hoyt, Tina Reynolds, Tim Mensch, Daniel Filner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alaka (74721)