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atari kombinera

Chrono Trigger Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
Intro trailer - land in the clouds
Intro trailer - what's this big thing?
Intro trailer - bad guy's castle
Intro trailer - surrounded by enemies
Intro trailer - grim future
Intro trailer - mode 7 racing
Intro trailer - using a double tech
Choosing battle modes
Naming Crono
Crono's room
In the forest
Fighting some nasty mushrooms
Lucca's house
Millenial Fair
Meeting Marle
Buying things
Map - 1000 AD, present
Lucca's newest invention
Time travel!?
Map - ? AD
Fighting some weird creatures in a devastated laboratory
The grim future...
Using a time machine
Prehistoric age
Ice age
Ocean Palace, build by an advanced civilization in 12000 AD
End of Time